Modern Nobility of Tipperary and Waterford

Or Ormond and Desies

THE following have been the noble families in Tipperary and Waterford, from the reign of King John to the present time:

In Waterford, Le Poer, barons of Donile and of Curraghmore, viscounts of Desies, and earls of Tyrone. Beresford, by intermarriage with the Le Poers, became earls of Tyrone, marquises of Waterford, and barons of Desies. Fitzgerald, barons of Desies and earls of Desmond; Talbot, earls of Shrewsbury, in England, and earls of Waterford and Wexford, in Ireland; the family of Villiers, earls of Jersey in England, and earls of Grandison in Ireland; the Scottish family of Maule, earls of Panmure, have the titles of barons Maule and earls of Panmure in Waterford and Wexford; the family of Lumley, earls of Scarborough in England, are viscounts of Waterford; Boyle, earls of Cork, and viscounts of Dungarvan; O'Brien, earls of Clare, in the reign of James the Second, had also the title of viscounts of Lismore; O'Callaghan, viscounts of Lismore, but resident in Tipperary; St. Leger, barons of Kilmeden; Villier and Stuart, barons of Desies; and Keane, barons Keane of Cappoquin.

In Tipperary: The Dukes of Cambridge, in the Royal Family, have the title of earls of Tipperary. The Butlers were earls, marquises and dukes of Ormond, and also had the following titles in Tipperary:—Earls of Carrick, earls of Glengall, viscounts of Thurles, viscounts of Ikerrin, and barons of Cahir. The MacCarthys were earls of Mountcashel; afterwards the Davises, and, in modern times, the Moores, are earls of Mountcashel; the Buckleys, viscounts of Cashel; the Scotts, earls of Clonmel; the Hely-Hutchinsons, earls of Donoghmore; the Kings, earls of Kingston; the Yelvertons, viscounts of Avonmore; the Maudes, viscounts Hawarden; the family of Fairfax, viscounts of Emly (that of Monsell is now baron of Emly); the Carletons, barons Carleton; the Pritties, barons of Dunally; the Bloomfields, barons Bloomfield; and the Mathews, earls of Landaff.