Modern Nobility in Mayo and Sligo

THE following have been the noble families in Mayo and Sligo since the reign of King James the First.

Mayo: Bourke, viscounts Clanmorris and earls of Mayo. Browne, barons of Kilmain, barons of Westport, and barons of Oranmore. Bingham, barons of Castlebar; and Saville, barons of Castlebar. Dillon, barons of Costello-Gallen, and viscounts Dillon. O'Hara, barons of Tyrawley and Kilmain.

Sligo: Taaffe, barons of Ballymote, and viscounts of Corran. Coote, barons of Collooney. Scudamore, viscounts of Sligo. And Browne, marquises of Sligo.