Anglo-Norman Families, and the Modern Nobility in Louth

ACCORDING to Connellan, the chief Anglo-Norman or British families settled in Louth were—De Lacy, De Verdon, De Gernon, De Pepard; De Flemming, barons of Slane; Bellew, of Barmeath, who had formerly the title of barons of Duleek; De Bermingham, earls of Louth, a title afterwards possessed by the Plunkets; Taaffe, earls of Carlingford (in the peerage of the United Kingdom, Mr. Chichester Fortescue, late M.P. for the county Louth, was A.D. 1874, created "baron Carlingford"); Ball, Brabazon, Darcy, Dowdal, and Clinton, etc.; Fortescue, now earls of Claremont; and, in more modern times, the family of Gorge, barons of Dundalk; and Foster, viscounts Ferard, and barons of Oriel.