Modern Nobility in Down and Antrim

Or Ulidia

The following noble families in more modern times settled in the county Down:—Hamilton, barons of Clanaboy and earls of Clanbrassil. Montgomery, earls of Mount Alexander, in the barony of Ards. Cromwell, viscounts of Ardglass—a title afterwards possessed by the Barringtons. Hill, barons of Kilwarlin, viscounts of Hillsborough, and now marquises of Downshire. Annesley, barons of Glenawley, and viscounts Annesley of Castlewellan. Rawdon, Hastings, earls of Moira. Jocelyn, barons of Clanbrassil, and earls of Roden. Stewart, viscounts Castlereagh, now marquises of Londonderry. Dawney, viscounts of Down. Ward, barons of Bangor.

Needham, earls of Kilmorey, and viscounts of Newry and Mourne. Smyth, viscounts of Strangford. Blackwood, barons of Dufferin, etc.

Down in Irish "Dun" (signifying a fortress), was in ancient times called Dundaleathglas, and afterwards DunPadraic or Downpatrick, from St. Patrick having been buried there. Down comprised the greater part of ancient Ulidia or Dalaradia; and was, in the reign of Edward the Second, formed into two counties, namely, Down, and the Ards (or Newtown); but in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, both were formed into the present county Down, which got its name from the chief town Dune or Downpatrick, and is Latinized "Dunum."