MacKenna (No.3) family genealogy

Of Ardo House, Ardmore, County Waterford

Arms: Same as those of "MacKenna" (No. 1).

1. Owen MacKenna had:

2. Michael who lived a long time in Philadelphia, United States, America, and who had:

3. Michael, of Dublin (d. 1854), who had:

I. Sir Joseph Neale McKenna, of whom presently.

II. William Columban, living in 1882.

4. Sir Joseph Neale McKenna, M.P.: son of Michael; b. 1819, and living in 1887. Was twice m.: first, in 1842, to Esther Louisa (d. 1871), dau. of the late Edmond Howe, Esq., of Dublin; secondly, in 1880, to Amelia, dau. of G. K. Brooks, Esq., and widow of R. W. Hole, Esq. Residence in Ireland: Ardo House, Ardmore, co. Waterford.