MacDonnell (No.3) family genealogy

Of the County Clare

Arms: The ancient Arms same as "MacDonnell" (No. 1).

SIR ALEXANDER (or ALASDAR CARRAGH) MacDONNELL, younger brother of Gilla Espuig, who is No. 117 on the (No. 2) "MacDonnell" (of Antrim) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDonnell, of the county Clare.

117. Sir Alexander MacDonnell, of Kilconway and Moye, who died 1634: youngest son of Sir James of Dunluce; was created a baronet in 1627.

118. Sir James of Eanagh and Ballybannagh [1]: son of Sir Alexander; died after 1688; was second baronet. This Sir James MacDonnell m. Mary O'Brien, by whom he had six sons: 1. Sir Alexander (commonly called "Alastrum Mór"), who m. Lady E. Howard, and by her had a son Randal, who d. s. p.; 2. Sir Randal, who succeeded, and and m. Hannah Roche, by whom he had James, Randal, Sir John, and Richard; 3. Darby; 4. Daniel, who was ancestor of MacDonnell of Clare, and who died v. p.; 5. Alneas, who d. unm.; 6. Sorley. According to Lodge, Alneas and Sorley died young.

119. Daniel: fourth son of Sir James; deprived of his patrimony in Antrim, settled at Kilkee, county of Clare, where he obtained leases of several lands from his kinsman Lord Clare: died about 1675.

120. James, of Kilkee: his son; Captain [2] in Lord Clare's Dragoons; acquired extensive estates in Clare, Limerick, and Longford; died 1714. Had a brother John MacDonnell, of Moyne.

121. Charles (1), of Kilkee: his son (succeeded his elder brother Randal, who died unmarried in 1726): died 1743.

122. Charles (2), of Kilkee, M.P. for the county of Clare, in 1765, and for the borough of Ennis in 1768: his son; died 1773.

123. Charles (3), of New Hall and Kilkee, M.P.: his son; died 1803.

124. Bridget: his only daughter, and in her issue heiress; married William Henry Armstrong, M.P., of Mount Heaton, King's Co.; she died 1860.

125. William Edward, of New Hall and Kilkee, Colonel of the Clare Militia: her son; succeeded his uncle the late John MacDonnell in 1850, and assumed by Royal Licence the sirname and Arms of MacDonnell; died 1881.

126. Charles Randal MacDonnell: his son; born 1862; living 1887.


[1] Ballybannagh: His eldest son, Colonel Sir Alexander, as well as his cousin Sir Alexander ("MacCollkittagh") were both killed in the battle of Knocknaness, 13th November, 1647. The second son, Sir Randal, succeeded as third baronet, but was attainted, forfeited his estates, 10th July, 1691, and entered with Lord Clare into the service of the King of France.

[2] Captain: This Captain James MacDonnell (or "MacDaniel," as he is called in Dalton's King James's Army List), married Penelope, sister of Honora, second Viscountess of Clare, and became a purchaser of a part of the forfeited estates of Daniel. Viscount Clare.—See "Poems on the MacDonnell family," in Lenihan's History of Limerick, p. 613.