Lawlor family genealogy

Of Monaghan

Arms: Or, a lion ramp. guard, gu.

DONACHAN, brother of Paul who is No. 99 on the "MacMahon" (of Ulster) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Leathlabhair; anglicised Lalor, and Lawlor.

99. Donachan: son of Foghartach.

100. Fogharthach: his son.

101. Lagnan: his son.

102. Muireadach: his son.

103. Fogharthach: his son.

104. Leathlabhair: his son; a quo O'Leathalabhair. This name is derived from the Irish, "leath" [lah], a half; "labhair" to speak (old Irish "labh;" Lat. "labium," a lip), and "leabhar" (Lat. "Liber," Fr. "livre"), a book. O'Leathlabhair means "the descendants of the man who stammered;"as O'Labhairmor (anglicised Larmour) means those descended from "the man who was a great speaker."