Irish Chiefs and Clans in County Kerry

In Kerry, the following have been the Irish chiefs and clans:

1. O'Connor, king or prince of Kerry, was descended from Ciar, of the Irian race already mentioned; and took the name from Con, one of their chiefs, in the eleventh century, and from Ciar, their great ancestor; thus making the word "Conciar" "Conior," or Conchobhar, anglicised "Connor" (See No. 103, page 331). From a portion of the ancient inheritance of this family the present barony of Iraghticonnor takes its name.

2. O'Donoghoe was of the Eugenian race, and chief of Lough Lein; a branch of this family was the O'Donoghoe Mór, lord of Glenfesk or O'Donoghoe of the Glen.

3. O'Donnell (of the same race as O'Donoghoe), chief of Clan Shalvey (a quo Shelly); comprising the district called Iveleary, and a great portion of Muskerry.

4. O'Carroll, prince of Lough Lein.

5. O'Falvey, chief of Corca Duibhne (now the barony of "Corcaguiney"), and lord of Iveragh: both in the county Kerry. The O'Falveys were hereditary admirals of Desmond.

6. O'Shea, chief of Iveragh.

7. O'Connell, chief or Magh O g-Coinchinn, now the barony of "Magonihy," in Kerry. These O'Connells were a branch of the O'Connells of Thomond; descended from Conaire the Second, the 111th Monarch of Ireland.

8. O'Leyne or Lane, chief of Hy-Fearba; and O'Duividin, chief of Hy Flannain: districts in the county Kerry.

9. O'Neide, chief of Ciar Ciarraidhe or the Plain of Kerry.

10. O'Dunady, chief of Slieve Luachra, now Slievlogher, on the borders of Limerick and Kerry.

11. O'Muircheartaigh (Moriarty, or Murtagh), aud O'Hinnesvan (or Hinson), chief of Aos Aisde of Orlar Eltaigh, a district which comprised the parish of Templenoe, in the barony of Dunkerron.

12. The MacGillicuddys (a branch of the O'Sullivans) were chiefs of a territory in the barony of Dunkerron: from this family the Mac Gillicuddy's Reeks in Kerry got their name: and some of this family anglicised the name "Archdeacon."

13. MacElligot (or Elligot), an ancient family in Kerry, from whom the parish of Ballymacelligott, in the barony of Troughenackmy, got its name. From MacElligott the name of "MacLeod" was said to be derived; but "MacLeod" is of Scotch origin.

14. MacFinneen, MacCrehan, O'Scanlan, and O'Harney (or Harnet), were also clans of note in Kerry.