O'Byrne (No.3)

COMMENCING with No. 136, p. 620, ante, read:—

136. Garrett (2), of Ballymanus: son of Garrett; mar. to Miss Colclough of Tintern. Will dated 1767. Had three sons: 1. Garrett; 2. John of Dunganstown, who mar. Miss Byrne of Wicklow, and from whom William Colclough O'Byrne of Ballycapple was descended; 3. Colclough, etc. (same as is recorded in the remainder of the paragraph.)

And, commencing with Anna-Frances, who (see p. 622) is the daughter of William-Colclough O'Byrne, No. 139 on the same pedigree, read:—

I. Anna-Frances, mar. to Garrett Byrne of Ballyvaltron.

140. Garrett-Michael O'Byrne, Merchant of Wicklow: son of William Colclough O'Byrne; living in 1887.