Vera-O'Sullivan (No.2) family genealogy

Of Cappanacusha Castle, Junior Branch

Armorial Bearings: Same as those of "Vera O'Sullivan."

115. PHILIP O'SULLIVAN: second son of Bernard, No. 114 on the foregoing pedigree; m. Honoria (or Nora) O'Connor Kerry.

116. Donal: his son; m. Joanna MacCarthy.

117. Richard (or Rory): his son; m. Una, dau. of Neil Oge O'Neill, Prince of Ulster.

118. Owen: his son; m. to Graine MacCarthy.

119. Donal (2): his son; m. to Maedhbh O'Donnell.

120. Philip (2): his son; m. to Nelly, a dau. of Owen O'Sullivan Mór.

121. Rory: his son; m. to Mór Fitzmaurice.

122. Donal (3): his son; m. to Julia O'Donovan.

123. Owen (2): his son; m. Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

124. Ruadhraidh: his son; m. Julia MacCarthy, of Drishane.

125. Donal (4): his son; m. Elana MacAuliffe.

126. John: his son; m. Mary O'Keeffe, of Killeen.

127. Tadhg (or Thige): his son; m. Joanna O'Callaghan, of Clonmeen, co. Cork; had issue:—1. Philip; 2. Connor, b. 2nd May, 1683, d. 5th May, 1769; m. to Ellen, dau. to Stepney Galwey, merchant, Cork. This Tadhg d. 4th Aug., 1706, aged 54 years.

128. Philip (3): his son; b. 8th March, 1682, d. 1754: m. Elizabeth, dau. of ——— Irwin, of Roscommon, by whom he had—1. Owen, 2. Benjamin (of Cork), and 3. Oonagh (or Una): (2). Benjamin had a son, Sir Benjamin, who was father of George James O'Sullivan of Wilmington, Isle of Wight (1867).

129. Owen: his son; b. 1744, d. 1808; he remained at or about Kenmare, where he m. a Miss O'Moriarty, and had by her several children, who, finding strangers in possession of their patrimony, dispersed themselves to seek by hard labour a means of subsistence. Among other children he had—1. Donogh (or Denis), 2. John, 3. Donal, 4. Owen, 5. Nora, and 6. Julia.

130. Donogh (or Denis): his son; b. 1776, d. 1838; buried at Kilmurry, barony of West Muskerry, co. Cork; m. a Miss M'Auliffe, and by her had issue:—1. John, 2. Denis, 3. Owen, and 4. Nora.[1] This Donogh led a wandering life in East and West Muskerry, generally at Shandubh, parish of Moviddy, where he died.

131. John [2]: his son; b. about 1799, d.———, buried at Kilmurry; resided for sometime at Ahandubh, afterwards at Teeraveen, parish of Kilmurry, where he died. He m. Rachel, the dau. of Richard (or Roderic) O'Neill, hereditary Prince of Ulster, and by her had issue—1. Donogh; 2. Joanna; 3. John; 4. Nora; 5. Richard; 6. Donogh (2) (or Denis); 7. Kate; 8. another girl, and 9. Kate (2).

All of these d. s. p. except Nora, Richard, and Denis, who are living in 1887. (4) Nora, m. Donal O'Cahan (or Kane), resides (1887) at Rerour, parish of Kilbonane; has no issue.

(6) Denis, m. Ellen,[3] the dau. of William Sheehan of Killegh, by his wife Joanna Hennessy, and has had issue: Honora (or Nora), b. 1861, d. 1867; Rachel, b. 25th April, 1869; Joanna, b. 14th May, 1871; John, b. 20th May, 1873; Richard, b. 5th June, 1875; and Denis, b. 22nd July, 1879. This Denis with his family resides (1887) at Curraghbeh, parish of Kilmurry.

132. Richard O'Sullivan: his son; b. ——; m. Kate O'Donovan, has by her only one child living—Julia, b. 21st June, 1864; unm. in 1887. This Richard resides (1887) at Maghbeg, a few miles to the west of Bandon, as a farm-labourer to a man named Daly ! John: eldest son of Denis, brother of Richard (132), is living in 1887, at Curraghbeh, near Kilmurry.


[1] Nora: This Nora m. a man named Murphy, and had by him, two sons—1. Conn (d.s.p.); and Denis, who m. Kate Burke, and had issue—1. Conn, 2. John, 3. Denis, 4. Kate. This Denis resides (1887) at Douglas, near Cork.

[2] John: We believe that the Revd. Daniel O'Sullivan, P.P., of Enniskane, west of Bandon, was a cousin to this John. This Rev. gentleman's memory, as a zealous priest, and a solid Irish scholar and poet, is still fresh in the memory of the people of south and west Cork.

[3] Ellen: The other brothers and sisters of this Ellen are:—John, Mary, William, Michael, Mark (of Lahore), Nora, James, and Robert.