Tracey family genealogy

Of Munster

CAOINEALADH, brother of Laipe, who is No. 94 on the "O'Donovan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Caoinealaidh, anglicised Coneely, Kaneely, and Kanelly; and of O'Treassaigh. of Munster, anglicised Trasey, Tracey, and Tracy.

94. Caoinealadh: son of Olioll Ceannfhada.

95. Feargaile: his son.

96. Treassach ("treas:" Irish, the third in order) : his son; a quo O'Treassaigh.

97. Dermod: his son.

98. Ceadach na-Brighe ("brigh:"[1] Irish, strength; Gr. "bri," very great; Heb. "bri," fruit): his son.

99. Don O'Trasey (or O'Tracey): his son; first assumed this sirname.

100.Ceadach: his son.

101. Cuinge: his son.

102. Conor: his son.

103. Conor Luath: his son.

104. Edmond: his son.

105. Edmond Oge: his son.

106. James: his son.

107. James Oge O'Trasey: his son.


[1] Brigh: This Irish word seems to he the root of the sirname Bright. The name Ceadach ("cead:" Irish, first; Chald. "chad") implies "the foremost man;" and Ceadach na Brighe means "the man who was foremost for his strength."