Robert Sullivan family genealogy

As a tribute of gratitude, and of our respect to the memory of the late Dr. Sullivan for his disinterested goodness and kindness to us when, in the Autumn of 1845, poor and friendless we entered the Training Department of the Board of National Education in Ireland; we here give the following brief narrative from Webb's Compendium of Irish Biography, to commemorate the name of our dear and cherished friend:—

Robert Sullivan, LL.D., Barrister-at-Law, etc., the author of a number of well-known educational works, was born at Holywood, county of Down, in January, 1800. He was educated at the Belfast Academical Institution; graduated in Trinity College, Dublin, in 1829; and, on the introduction of the system of National Education into Ireland in 1831, was appointed an Inspector. He was afterwards transferred to the Training Department, Marlboro' Street, as Professor of English Literature. His Geography, Spelling Book Superseded, Literary Class Book, Grammar, and Dictionary, have gone through numerous editions, and are constantly being reprinted. The touching expressions he received from time to time of the gratitude of those whom his sympathy had encouraged, or his generosity had aided, showed the kindliness of his nature, and his success in communicating-knowledge. He died, s. p., in Dublin, 11th July, 1868, aged 68: and was buried at Holywood.