Shannon family genealogy

Arms: Gu. a bend or. Crest: A demi talbot sa.

COSCEACH, a brother of Cineadh (or Cendedach) who is No. 106 on the "Kennedy" (of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Seanchain: anglicised Shanahan, and Shannon.

106. Coscrach: son of Donchadh Cuan.

107. Flaithbeartach: his son.

108. Seanchan ("seancha": Irish, an antiquary, or genealogist): his son; a quo O'Seanchain.

109. Donchadh Dubh: his son.

110. Ruadhri: his son.

111. Donchadh: his son.

112. Aodh: his son.

113. Flaithbeartach: his son.

114. Taidhg: his son.

115. Ruadhri: his son.

116. Donchadh: his son.

117. Aodh: his son.

118. Flaithbeartach: his son.

119. Taidhg: his son.

120. Aodh O'Seanchain: his son.