Plunket (No.5) family genealogy

Of Irishtown, County Meath

ALEXANDER PLUNKET, Knt., Lord Chancellor of Ireland, who (see Monument of Rathmore) d. 1500 had:

I. Thomas, of Rathmore, of whom presently.

II. Christopher, of Rathmore, Knt.

III. Edward, of Rathmore, who had: 1. Thomas (son and heir), who had: 2. Sir Oliver (son and heir), who had: 3. Richard, of Rathmore (son and heir), who had: 4. Alexander, of Girly (d. 15 Jan., 1633), who m. Katherine, dau. of Jenico, Viscount Gormanstown.

2.Thomas, of Rathmore: eldest son of Alexander.

3. Gerard, of Irishtown, county Meath: his son.

4. Robert: his son.

5. Gerard: his son.

6. James, of Irishtown: his son; d. 31st Mar., 1639. He m. Eliza, dau. of Thomas Plunket, of Tiltown, co. Meath, and had:

7.Gerard (d. 1st May, 1638), who married Anna, dau. of Alexander Plunket, of Cartown, co. Louth, and had five sons and three daughters:

I.Robert, of whom presently.


III. George.

IV. Edward.

V. Christopher.

The daughters were:

I. Katherine, who m. William Darditz, of Hamplinstown, co. Meath.

II. Margaret, who married James Doyne, of Trim.

III.Joan, who m. Oliver Misset, of Dondlestown, co. Meath.

8. Robert Plunket: eldest son of Gerard; m. Tho., dau. of Edward Bath, of Sidan.