O'Meagher family genealogy

Chiefs of Ikerin, County Tipperary

Arms: Az. two lions ramp. combatant or, supporting a sword, in pale. Crest: A falcon rising ppr.

FIONNACHTA, a younger brother of Iomchadh Uallach, who is No. 88 on the "O'Carroll" (Ely) pedigree, was the ancestor of OMeachair: anglicised O'Meagher, Meagher, and Maher:

88. Fionnachta: second son of Conla.

89. Eochaidh: his son.

90. Etchon: his son.

91. Lugha: his son.

92. Feach (or Fiacha): his son.

93. Felim: his son.

94. Doncuan: his son.

95. Lugha (2): his son.

96. Fergna: his son.

97. Aodh: his son.

98. Meachar:[1] his son.

99. Cu-coille: his son.

100. Ceallach: his son.

101. Meachar ("meach:" Irish, hospitality): his son; a quo O'Meachair.

102. Dluthach: his son.

103. Teige Mór: his son.

104. Eigneach: his son.

105. Donal: his son.

106. Moroch: his son; first assumed this sirname, viz. Ua-Meachair.

107. Meachar:[2] his son.

108. Feach: his son; had a brother Eochaidh, a quo Kehoe. Keogh, and MacKeogh, of Munster.

109. Iarin: his son.

110. Donoch: his son.

111. Murtach: his son.

112. Melachlin: his son.

113. Fionn: his son.

114. Dermod: his son.

115. Gilla-na-Naomh: his son; had an elder brother, Gilbert.[3]

116. Teige: his son.

117. Gilleneuffe [rectius Gilla-na-Neeve] O'Meagher: his son. An inquisition taken at Clonmel on the 30th of May, 1629, found that this Gillaneuffe O'Meagher on the 30th of August, 1551, executed a deed by which he covenanted to pay John O'Meagher, of Clonykenny Castle—who was then chief of his name, and father of Colonel Teige-oge O'Meagher and of Ellen, wife of Dr. Gerard Ffennell, member of the Supreme Council of Confederation —and his heirs a rent of twelve shillings; that he was father of Daniel [118], who was father of John [119]; that John was in his lifetime seized of the lands of Ballybeg Camlin, Clonyne, Cloughmurle Grange, and Gortvollin, situated in the barony of Ikerrin and county of Tipperary, which he held by knight service, and that John O'Meagher [120] was his son and heir-at-law, of full age, and married.

118. Daniel O'Meagher: his son; born 1508, died 1576.

119. John O'Meagher: his son; born 1541, died 1599.

120. John O'Meagher: his son; born 1570, died 1640.

121.Thaddeus O'Meagher: his son; born 1603, died 1650.

122. John O'Meagher: his son; born 1635, died 1705.

This John O'Meagher and his mother, Anne O'Meagher, were, on the 30th January, 1653, ordered by the Commissioners sitting at Clonmel to transplant to Connaught. By an order in Council dated Dublin Castle, the 3rd of December, 1655, their petition was referred to the Commissioners of Revenue at Loughrea.

123.Thaddeus O'Meagher: his son; born 1662, died 1732.

124. John O'Meagher: his son; born 1706, died 1775.

125. Thaddeus O'Meagher: his son; born 1739, died 1811.

126. John O'Meagher: his son; born 1772, died 1844.

127. Joseph T. O'Meagher: his son; born 1803, died 1882.

128.John William O'Meagher: his son; born 1829, d. s. p. 1884; had a younger brother, Joseph Casimir O'Meagher, born 1831, and living in 1887, in Dublin.

129. Joseph Dermod O'Meagher: son of Joseph Casimir; born 1864; B.A. of Dublin University, 1884; has had four brothers: (1) John Kevin, born 1866, B.A. of the Royal University, 1886; (2) Donn Casimir, born 1872, died 1874; (3) Malachy Marie, born 1873; (4) Fergal Thaddeus, born 1876, and a sister, Mary Nuala.


[1] Meachar: According to O'Clery, the name Ua-Meachair or O'Meagher is derived from this Meachar, No. 98.

[2] Meachar: And this name is rendered Murchadh-Og, by O'Clery.

[3] Gilbert: This Gilbert was father of Piers, who was father of Gilbert, who was father of Teige O'Meagher.