O'Mahony (No.2) family genealogy

* Felim: According to other genealogists, the following is the pedigree of O'Mahony, down from this Felim—

95. Felim: son of Tighearnach.

96. Fergus: his son.

97. Beic: his son; a quo "Cineal mBeice."

98. Firdaleithe: his son.

99. Artgall: his son.

100. Connall: his son.

101. Olioll Brughadh: his son.

102. Cucoigilt: his son.

103. Conor: his son.

104. Cathniadh: his son.

105. Cian: his son.

106. Bran: his son.

107. Maolmoradh: his son.

108. Cian (2): his son.

109. Mathghahhuin: his son; a quo OMahony.

110. Brodceann O'Mahony: his son; first assumed this sirname.

111. Cumara: his son.

112. Donoch: his son.

113. Cian (3): his son.

114. Donoch naHimirce-timchioll: his son.

115. Dermod: his son; had a brother named Conor.

116. Teige: his son; had a brother named Maccraith.

117. Donoch, of Rathdreon: his son.

118. Dermod Mór: his son; had a brother named Teige an Oir, meaning "Teige of the Gold." This Teige was the ancestor of Goold.

119. Finghin (or Florence): his son; had two brothers—1. Donall; 2. Dermod.

120. Dermod Ranntach: his son.

121. Conor Cabach: his son.

122. Conor Fionn na n-Eich: his son.

123. Conor na-Croise ("crois:" Irish, a cross; Lat. "cruix;" Fr. "croix"): his son; a quo O'Crosse anglicised Cross and Cruise.

124. Conor fionn: his son.

125. Donall: his son.

126. Conor O'Mahony: his son.