O'Liddy family genealogy

The O'Liddy, or Liddy, or Leddy, as the name is sometimes anglicised, derive their descent and sirname from Lidhda, a celebrated Munster chieftain of the Dal-Cais, who fell at Clontarf, A.D. 1014. The exact situation of the O'Liddy patrimony in the co. Clare cannot now be ascertained; but it is believed that it formed part of the present barony of Tulla.

In 1058, Carbery O'Liddy, grandson of Lidhda, founder of the name, and erenach of Emly, was slain; and in 1122, Conor O'Liddy, successor of St. Ailbe of Emly, died. In 1171, say the Four Masters, a party of the O'Connors went on a predatory expedition into Thomond; they plundered Siartachain O'Liddy, and slew himself in battle.

The tribe-name of this family was Muinter Dobharcan, i.e., "The people (or descendants) of Dobharcan, of the race of Lughaidh," the third son of Cas (No. 91 on "O'Brien, Kings of Thomond" Stem); from whose grandson, Durcan, the O'Durkans of Thomond, derive their descent and sirname.