O'Hurley (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ballinacarriga

RANDAL: son of Thomas O'Hurley, who is No. 3 on the foregoing genealogy, and who attended Perrott's Parliament in 1585, erected the Castle of Ballinacarrig, near Dunmanway, in the county of Cork. He m. Catherine Collins, dau. of O'Collins, a Chief in Carbery, and had:

5. Randal Oge Dubh, who married Ellen de Courcy, dau. of John, 18th Baron of Kinsale, and had:

6. Randal Oge Beagh, who was outlawed by the English in 1641. He m. twice: first, a dau. of Teige Oursie MacCarthy, of Dunmanway, by whom he had:

I. Randal.

His second wife was the widow of Gerald, 19th Lord of Kinsale, by whom he had:

II. "Dermond, " mentioned in the "Depositions" made in 1641.

III. Daniel, called "of Dromgarra."

7. Randal: the eldest son of Randal Oge Beg; m. his cousin Ellen Collins, and had issue by her six sons—two were priests, two were killed in war by the English, and two left issue. This Randal Oge Beg was "outlawed" with his father in 1641.

8. Randal of Ballinacarriga: his eldest son; married, and had issue:—his one dau. Angelina m. to Cormac Glas MacCarthy, who is No. 125 on the MacCarthy Glas pedigree, p. 134.

9. Randal: his son; married and had issue.

10. Randal: his son; had three sons—Randal Oge, Teige, and Finghin.

11. Randal Oge: his son; married, and had issue:—

I. John, who emigrated to America with his family in or about 1810.

II. William, of whom presently,

III. Jeremiah, m. and had issue.

12. William: son of Randal Oge; m. and had issue:

I. James; and

II. Jeremiah, who married a Miss D'Esmond, and had issue, Richard, who emigrated; other sons died.

13. James: his son; m. a Miss D'Esmond, and had issue.

I. William.

II. Anne, m. to Richard Bradfield, of Kilowen, on the river Bandon, has issue.

III. Ellen, m. to Timothy O'Sullivan, parish of Murragh, and has issue.

14. William O'Hurley, of Ballinacarriga: only son of James; m. Miss Annie O'Crowley, living in 1887, and has issue by her:

I. James.

II. Mary.

III. Jeremiah.

IV. John.

V. Daniel.

VI. Ellen.

VII. William.

VIII. Hannah.

IX. Timothy; and

X. Annie.

15. James: son of William O'Hurley of Ballinacarriga.

This family is distinguished as Na-Carriga, or heirs to the Ballinacarriga Castle estates.

12. Jeremiah; the third son of Randal Oge; m. and had issue.

13. James: his eldest son; m. Julia D'Esmond; lived at Murragh, and afterwards at Farranavane, north of Bandon; had issue:

I. Jeremiah, d. s. p.

II. James, of whom below.

III. Humphry, who emigrated to America.

IV. Jeremiah of Murragh, near Palace Anne, m. a Miss Buttimer, and has fourteen sons and six daus.; living in 1887.

V.William emigrated to America.

VI. Maurice, of Farranavane, m. Joanna Canty, and has issue by her—James, Denis, Humphry, Julia, Mary-Anne, Margaret, and Joanna.

VII. Mary, m. Jeremiah O'Sullivan (O'Sullivan Mor family), of Scartnamuck, north of Bandon, and has issue living in 1887—Kate, Julia, Ellen, Daniel, Mary-Anne, James, Timothy, Annie, and Jeremiah.

14. James O'Hurley, of Farranavane: his son; m. Kate Kehely of Farranthomas, and has had issue by her—James (d. unm.), Mathew, Humphry, Julia, Mary-Anne, Jeremiah, Maurice, and Kate.

15. Mathew O'Hurley: his son. (This branch of the family is also known as Na-Carriga.)