O'Gunning family genealogy


Arms: Gu. on a fesse erm. betw. three doves ar. ducally crowned or, as many crosses pattée of the first.

THE O'Conaing, or, as the name is now anglicised O'Gunning and Gunning, derive their name and descent from Conaing, son of Cineadh, son of Donchuan, brother of Brian Boroimhe, Monarch of Ireland, who is No. 105 on the "O'Brien, Kings of Thomond" pedigree; and were Chiefs of Aos-Greine, a territory in the county Limerick which has been variously located; and also of Crioch Saingil, or Singland, otherwise St. Patrick's, a parish in the county of Limerick, where formerly stood the principal residence of the lords of Aos-Greine, as we read:

"Aos-Greine of the smooth fair plains,

O'Conaing of Crich Saingil governs."

We are of opinion that Aos-Greine forms part of the present baronies of Clanwilliam and Coonagh, on the borders of which is a parish called "Greane," and the town of Pallas-greane, the scene of a tremendous battle in the middle of the 10th century. Palais-Aos-Greine, which may have been the ancient name of this territory, and now shortened to "Pallas-greane," would signify the "Palace of the worshippers of the Sun," or "the place of residence of the sun-worshippers;" and that a grianan—a palace or summer residence—existed here, the following lines from O'Heerin go to prove:

"He [O'Conaing] held the fair Grian,

Of the illustrious house of Eoghan."

According to O'Brien, Aos-Greine was situated in the barony of Small County.

In A.D. 1032. Edras O'Conaing, son of Eoghan, son of Conaing, lord of Aos-Greine, and "heir of Munster," died.

In A.D. 1125. Kennedy O'Conaing, erenach of Cill Dulua, or Killaloe, died.

In A.D. 1137. Donal O'Conaing, Archbishop of Leath Mogha, i.e. Leinster and Munster, died.

In A.D. 1195. Donal O'Conaing, bishop of Killaloe, died.

In A.D. 1261. Brian Roe O'Brien, lord of Thomond, ancestor of the O'Briens of Ara, in Tipperary, demolished Caislean-Ui-Chonaing, i.e. the castle of O'Conaing, now Castle-Connell, in the county of Limerick, and put the garrison to the sword.

In A.D. 1490. Mathamhna (Mahon) O'Conaing, vicar of the abbey of Lethrachta, or Latteragh, in Upper Ormond, died.

Several respectable members of this family are to be met with in the counties of Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, and Donegal, at the present day.