O'Grady (No.1) family genealogy

Chiefs of Cinel Dunghaile.[2]

[1] Arms: Per pale gu. and sa. three lions pass. per pale ar. and or. Crest: A horse's head erased ar. Motto: Vulneratus non victus.

EOCHA (or Eochaidh), a younger brother of Carthann, who is No. 93 on the "Macnamara" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Gradhaighe [3] or O'Gradha, anglicised O'Grady, MacGrade, and O'Brady.

93. Eocha: son of Caisin.

94. Breannan: his son.

95. Finan: his son.

96. Foranan: his son.

97. Tiobraid: his son.

98. Dungal: his son; a quo Cineal Donghaile.

99. Fodalbha: his son.

100. Rodgus: his son.

101. Flaithreach: his son.

102. Seachnadhseach: his son.

103. Cormac: his son.

104. Collachtach: his son.

105. Conn: his son.

106. Conn Oge: his son.

107. Art: his son.

108. Treassach: his son; had a brother named Artagan (meaning "little Art,") a quo O'h-Artagain, which has been anglicised Hartigan and Hartan.

109. Gradhach (also called Bra-dach): his son; a quo O'Gradhaighe.

110. Maolmaith: his son.

111. Edrocht: his son.

112. Mortach: his son.

113. Aneisleis: his son.

114. Moroch: his son.

115. Dermod: his son.

116. Ceanfaola: his son.

117. Moroch (2): his son.

118. Dermod (2): his son.

119. Moroch (3): his son.

120. John O'Grady,[4] alias O'Brady: his son; died, 1332. Had a brother named Donal.

121. John: his son; d., 1372.[4]

122. John: his son; d., 1417.[4]

123. John O'Grady, alias O'Brady, of Fassaghmore, county Clare: his son.

124. Sir Denis, of Fassaghmore: his son. Sir Denis O Grady, alias O'Brady, had a grant from King Henry the Eighth, by Patent, in 1543, of Tomgrany, Finnagh, Kilbechullybeg, Kilbechullymor, Sean-boy, Cronayn, Killokennedy, Clony, Killchomurryn, Enochem, Tarch-ayne, and Killula, in the county Clare; he died in 1569. This Sir Denis had four sons—1. Edmond, who died without issue, in. 1576; 2. Donal, who also died without issue; 3. John, who surrendered his estates to Queen Elizabeth, and had a regrant by Patent, in 1582; and 4. Hugh, to whom his brother John conveyed Tomgrany and other lands.

125. Most Rev. Hugh Brady, lord bishop of Meath: son of Sir Denis. This Hugh was the first, of the family who omitted the sirname of "O'Grady;" his descendants have since called themselves Brady.

126. Luke: his son; d., 1621; had two brothers—1. Nicholas, and 2. Gerald.

127. Luke Brady, of Tomgrany: son of Luke; alienated Scariff by license, in 1634.


[1] O'Grady: Of this family is Dr. Edward Stamer O'Grady (b. 23rd Nov., 1838, in Baggot Street, Dublin, and living in 1887), who is the son of the late Edward Stamer O'Grady, 4th Dragoon Guards, by his wife Wilhelmina, daughter of the late Richard A. Rose, of Ahabeg, county of Limerick. Dr. O'Grady became, in 1883, a member of the College of Physicians. He is married to Minnie, eldest daughter of the late John Bishop, of Galbally, county of Limerick, and has had issue three sons and two daughters.

[2] Cinel Dunghaile: This territory comprised the present parish of Tomgraney, co. Clare; and Iniscaltra and Clonrush, co. Galway.

[3] O'Gradhaighe: This sirname was also called O'Bradaighe, anglicised "O'Brady." The two forms of sirname seem to be synonymous; for, while O'Gradhaighe ("gradh" Irish, love; Lat. "grat-ia") means "the descendants of the love-making man," O'Bradaighe ("bradaich;" Irish, roguish) means "the descendants of the roguish man:" roguish here meaning "lovemaking."

[4] Of the above three persons, thus ([4]) marked, No. 120 was archbishop of Cashel; No. 121, archbishop of Tuam; and No. 122, bishop of Elphin.