O'Flanagan family genealogy

Chiefs of Kinelargy, [1] in Ely O'Carroll

Arms: Ar. on a mount in base an oak tree ppr. a border vert.

FEC, a brother of Iomdhun who is No. 89 on the "O'Carroll Ely" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Flannagain, Ele; anglicised O'Flanagan, of Ely O'Carroll.

89. Fec: son of Iomchadh Uallach.

90. Fionnachtach: his son.

91. Neachtan: his son.

92. Maolfabhal: his son.

93. Donsleibhe: his son.

94. Arga: his son; a quo Cineal nArga.

95. Aongus: his son.

96. Flannagan ("flann:" Irish, red): his son; a quo O'Flannagain Ele.

97. Ceanfaoladh: his son.

98. Lorcan: his son.

99. Domhnall: his son.

100. Macniadh: his son.

101. Mughron: his son.

102. Diarmaid: his son.

103. Cucalma O'Flannagain: his son.


[1] Kinelargy: This ancient territory corresponds with the present barony of Ballybrit, in the King's County.