O'Farrell (No.1) family genealogy

Princes of Annaly

Arms: Vert a lion ramp. or. Crest: On a ducal coronet a greyhound courant, with a broken chain to the collar round his neck, over that a regal crown ppr. Motto: Bhris me mo greim (I have broken my hold).

FEARGAL, who (see page 303) is No. 105 on the "Line of Ir," was the ancestor of this family. Had a brother named Maol-an-Eididh. This Feargal was King of Conmacne; and was slain fighting on the side of Brian Boru, at the battle of Clontarf,[1] A.D. 1014:

106. Eochaidh: son of Feargal.

107. Seanloch: his son.

108. Braon O'Farrell: his son; first of the family that assumed this sirname.

109. Giollaiosa: his son; had a brother named Cusleibhe, who was ancestor of Leavy. This name Giollaiosa has been latinized Gillacius, Gelasius, and anglicised Giles.

110. Moroch: his son.

111. Daniel, or Donal: his son.

112. Awly: his son; living in 1268; his dau. Raghnalt, married Hugh O'Connor, King of Conacht, and was drowned in a bath, 1248.

113. Hugh; his son; ancestor of the O'Farrells of Ballinalee; had two sons, Gillacius and Cuchonnacht.

114. Gillacius (2): his son; had two sons:—1. John, and 2. Moroch.

115. Moroch (2): his son.

116. Cathal (or Charles): his son; had three sons:—1. Conor, 2. Thomas, and 3. Murrogh Mór.

117. Thomas: his son; had two sons:—I.Edmund, and 2. Cathal. Edmund was father to Bryan and Geoffrey, progenitors of the O'Farrells of Granard.

118. Cathal (2): his son; had two sons—1. Roger, and 2. Thomas (1490). Thomas had a son Ceadach, who was father of Lisagh, ancestor of the O'Farrells of Edgeworthstown.

119. Roger: son of Cathal (2).

120. Brian Buidhe (pr. bwee or Boy): his son; had two sons:—1. Aodh Oge; and 2. Fachna. (1) Aodh Oge was father of Fergus (1599), who was ancestor of the O'Farrell Buidhe; and (2) Fachna was ancestor of the O'Farrells of Longford.

121. Fachna: son of Brian Buidhe; living in 1585; attended Perrott's Parliament that year in Dublin.

122. Iriol: his son.

123. James: his son.

124. Roger: his son.

125. Francis: his son.

126. Roger: his son.

127. James O'Farrell: his son; living in the 18th century.


[1] Clontarf: That this Feargal was the Feargal mentioned as slain, fighting on the side of Brian Boru, at the Battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014, is by some writers doubted, for, on searching the accounts of that Battle, and the lists of the slain, given in several accessible Annals, they can find no mention of him. But in the Annals of Ulster there is mention of a Domhnall Ua Fearghail, of the Fortuatha-Laighean, in the county Wicklow, who fell in that memorable Battle. Perhaps Feargal, who is No. 105 on the "O'Farrell" pedigree, is confounded with this Domhnall Ua Ferghail, who was a Heremonian!