O'Donovan (No.2) family genealogy

Of Lisard, County Cork

Arms: Same as "O'Donovan," Lords of Clancahill.

124. Teige: son of Donal, No. 123 on the "O'Donovan," lords of Clancahill pedigree, No. 1.

125. Morogh: his son.

126. Conn: his son; m. to a dau. of Donal O'Donovan (4),

127. Morgan: his son.

128. Morgan (2): his son.

129. Rev. Morgan (3): his son.

130. Morgan-William: his son; d. 1870. Had two brothers—1. William-James, who d. unm.; 2. Henry-Winthrop, of Lios Ard, Skibbereen, county of Cork, living in 1887, and known as "O'Donovan, Lord of Clancahill."