O'Connor family genealogy

Of Keenaght, County Londonderry

Arms: Ar. on a mount in base, an oak tree all ppr. [1]

THIS family was driven out of their territory of Glean-Geimhin and Cianachta (now the barony of "Keenaght," co. Derry), by the O'Cahans, before the English invasion.

Fionnchan, a brother of Conla who is No. 87 on the "O'Carroll Ely" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Conchobhair, Cianachta; anglicised O'Connor, of Keenaght, in the county Derry.

87. Fionnchann: son of Tadhg.

88. Fec: his son.

89. Fionnchann: his son.

90. Eathchin: his son.

91. Erc: his son.

92. Cormac: his son.

93. Cnidhceann: his son.

94. Suibhne: his son.

95. Ceannfaola: his son.

96. Tadhg: his son.

97. Tomaltach: his son.

98. Conchobhar ("conchobhar:" Irish, the helping warrior): his son; a quo O'Conchobhair.

99. Ruadhri: his son.


[1] O'Connor: There were several "O'Connor" families in Ireland.