O'Carroll (No.2) family genealogy

Of Gort, County Galway

DONOGH, who is No. 126 on the "O'Carroll" (Princes of Ely) pedigree, married Dorothy, dau. of O'Kennedy of Ormond (by his wife Margaret, dau. of O'Brien of Ara), and had a dau. Mór, who m. her kinsman Robert O'Carroll; and thirty sons whom he presented "in one troop of horse (all accoutred in habiliments of war) to the Earl of Ormond, together with all his interest for the service of King Charles the First."

127. Donal (or Daniel): one of those sons.

128. John: his son. According to some authorities, this was the member of the family who was transplanted to Beagh, in the county Galway, by Cromwell. He m. Margaret Bermingham, dau. of Lord Athenry, and had two sons: 1. Redmond of Ardagh, 2. Daniel.

129. Daniel: second son of John of Beagh; became a Colonel of horse in the service of Queen Anne, by whom he was Knighted. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Jervis, Esq., of Southamptonshire, and had two sons:—1. Daniel, 2. John.

130. John: second son of Daniel; from whom descended the O'Carrolls of Gort, represented in 1798 by —— Carroll, whose dau. Mary, m. a man named Kennedy, and was living at Tierneevan, near Kilmacduagh, county Clare, in 1850.