Nicholson (No.2) family genealogy

Of Portree

Neil, brother of Donald, who is No. 122 on the foregoing ("Nicolson," No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of Nicolson, of Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

122. Neil: son of Alexander.

123. John: son of Neil.

124. Samhairle (Sorley or Samuel), of Drumnie: his son; married Margaret O'Donnell.

125. Alexander: his son; married a MacLean, of Borera.

126. Donald: his son; married Mary MacQueen.

127. Alexander: his son; born in 1722; married Catherine MacQueen; died 1809.

128. Samuel (2): his son; born in 1757; married in 1789 Betsey for Elizabeth), daughter of Norman Nicolson [1] of Peinefiler, Portree. This Samuel died in 1832; and Betsey, his wife, died in 1853.

129. Norman:[2] their son; born in 1803; married Marion Bethune in 1837; living in 1878 in Peinefiler, Portree, Isle of Skye.

130. Samuel Nicolson, of Greenock: his son; born in 1838; married in June, 1873, to Jessie McDougall; living in 1877; had two brothers and two sisters: the brothers were—1. Neil; 2. Norman and the sisters were—1. Maryanne, 2. Margaret.

131. Norman Nicolson: son of Samuel; born in 1873, and living in 1878; had two sisters—1. Marion, 2. Mary.


[1] Nicolson: This Norman Nicolson was the son of John, son of Neil, son of Donald MacNicol (No. 124 on the foregoing No. 1 pedigree), the Chief of the Clan in the Isle of Skye, in the reigns of King Charles I. & II; and this Neil with many members of the Nicolson family, migrated to America, at the end of the seventeenth, and beginning of the eighteenth, century.

[2] Norman: This Norman Nicolson, in a letter to the writer of these pages, says—"The MacDonalds, MacLeods, Nicolsons, and MacQueens (or MacQuinns) came from Ireland here (to Scotland) ages and ages ago."