Nicolson (No.15) family genealogy

Of Hawkhill, Rosemarkie, Inverness, now of Pietermaritzburg, Cape of Good Hope

DONALD,[1] a younger brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the "Nicolson" No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

125. Donald: son of Donald.

126. Patrick: his son.

127. Malcolm: his son; m. Miss Grant.

128. Dr. Simon Nicolson, of Calcutta: his son; m. Miss MacLeod.

129. Major (then Lieutenant) Charles-Arthur Nicolson: his son; m. on 8th Sept., 1842, at Calcutta, -Agnes-Cecilia-Adelaide Fagan, and had—1. Simon; 2. Charles-Arthur, b. in Inverness; 3. Christopher, b. in Inverness, 1845, d. 1846; 4. Isabella, b. in Calcutta, 1847, d. 1871; 5. George, b. in Dayeeling, now (1881) living in Pietermaritzburg, Cape of Good Hope; 6. Robert, b. in Dayeeling, in 1850. d in Gibraltar, 1880; 7. Anne, born 1851, d. 1852; 8. Malcolm, b. in Allahabad in 1853; 9. Patrick M'Lean, b. at Brighton, 1854; 10. James-Octavius, b. at Tunbridge Wells, 1856; 11. John, b. at same place, 1857; 12. Martin-Decimus, b. in London in 1858; 13. Agnes, b. in London in 1859, married in St. Alban's Cathedral, Pretoria, on 25th Dec, 1879, to Charles Muskett Spratt, Clerk in Holy Orders.

130. Simon Nicolson: eldest son of Charles-Arthur; b. in Calcutta; living in 1881.


[1] Donald: In page 108 of the first and second edition of the second series of this Work, this Donald was by mistake entered as having died unmarried; but that was not the case.