Moriarty family genealogy

Chiefs of Eoghanacht of Loch Leine

Arms: Ar. an eagle displ. sa. Crest: An arm embowed in armour holding a dagger, the blade environed with a serpent.

CAIRBRE LUACHRA (also called Cairbre Cruithneach), son of Corc, who is No. 89 on the Line of Heber, ante, was the ancestor of 0'Muircheirtaigh, anglicised Moriarty, Muriarty and Murtagh.

89. Corc, King of Munster.

90. Cairbre Luachra: his son.

91. Maine Munchaoin ("mun:" Irish, urine; "caoin," to weep; Heb. "kun," to lament): his son; a quo O'Munchaoin, anglicised Minchin.

92. Duach Iarfhlaith: his son; had two sons: 1. Cobhtach; and 2. Fiachra Garve, who had a son Fiachna, whose son was Cuimen Fodha, Bishop of Clonfert, b. A.D. 590, d. 658.

93. Cobhtach: his son.

94. Crimthann: his son.

95. Aodh Bennan: his son; d. 619.

96. Muldoon: his son; had brother named Cathal.

97. Conaing: his son.

98. Aodh (2): his son.

99. Muldoon (2): his son.

100. Cathan: his son.

101. Muriartach or Muircheartach ("muir:" Irish, the sea, and "ceart," just; Lat. "cert-us"): his son; a quo O'Muircheirtaigh.

102. Aodh(3): his son.

103. Muldoon (3): his son.

104. Murtogh: his son.

105. Muldoon (4): his son.

106. Muirceardoig: his son; King of Loch Leine, A.D. 1068.

107. Tadhg: his son.

108. Eoghan: his son.

109. Muldoon (5): his son.

110. Eoghan (2): his son.

111. Eoghan (3): his son.

112. Eoghan (4): his son.

In A.D. 1107, O'Moriarty, King of Eoghanacht of Loch Leine, was expelled from his lordship by MacCarthy, King of Desmond.