MacMahon (No.2) family genealogy

Marshal of France

Armorial Bearings: Same as those in the preceding ("MacMahon") genealogy.

TERENCE (or Turlogh) MacMAHON, ancestor of this family, who died in 1472, must have been contemporary with Turlogh who is No. 118 on the "O'Brien" pedigree, and who died in 1459. This fact leads us to believe that this Terence (or Turlogh) MacMahon was the same person as the Turlogh (or Terence) who is No. 118 on the (foregoing) "MacMahon" (of Munster) pedigree, whose son, Donogh (latinized "Donatus") was the "Donatus MacMahon" who is mentioned in the Count de Equilly's genealogy (see No. 119), in this pedigree.

118. Terence (or Turlogh) MacMahon, proprietor of Clondiralla, (modernized "Clonderlaw"), who died A.D. 1472, married Helena (daughter of Maurice Fitzgerald, earl of Kildare) by whom he had a son, named Donogh or Donatus.

119. Donatus, who married Honora O'Brien: their son.

120. Terence, married to Johanna, daughter of John Macnamara, of Dohaghtin — commonly called "Macnamara Reagh": their son.

121. Bernard, who was married to Margaret, daughter of Donogh O'Brien, of Daugh: their son.

122. Murtagh, whose wife was Elonora, daughter of William O'Nelan (or O'Nealan), of Emri, who was colonel of a regiment of horse in the army of King Charles the First: their son.

123. Maurice, who was married to Helena, daughter of Maurice Fitzgerald, of Ballinoe, Knight of Glyn: their son.

124. Murtagh, whose wife was Helena, daughter of Emanuel MacSheehy, of Ballylinan: their son.

125. Patrick, of Torrodile, in the county Limerick: their son, who married Margaret, daughter of John O'Sullivan of Bantry, in the county Cork; and who, after the Treaty of Limerick, A.D. 1691, first visited France in the suite of the exiled King James the Second of England, and there settled.

126. John MacMahon (or Jean Baptiste de MacMahon) of Autun, in France, but born in Ireland: their son; who. in 1750, was ennobled by the French Government, and created "Count de Equilly."

127. Maurice De MacMahon: his son: was faithful to the Bourbon cause, and was therefore, during the reign of Louis XVIII., King of France, created a Lieutenant-General, and Commander of the Order of St. Louis.

128. Marshal Patrick MacMahon, President of the French Republic, Duke of Magenta, etc.: his son; born in 1808, and living in 1887.