MacCarthy (No.15) family genealogy

Of Minnesota

Armorial Bearings: Same as those of "MacCarthy, Lords of Muscry."

DONAL, eldest son of Donoch, who is No. 125 on the "MacCarthy" (lords of Muscry) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCarthy of St. Paul, Minnesota, U. S. America.

125. Donoch, the eighteenth lord Muscry, Baron of Blarney, the first "earl of Clancarthy," Confederate Chieftain and Commander of the Munster forces, in the wars of 1641-52.

126. Donal, popularly styled the Buachaill Ban: his eldest son; married a daughter of MacCarthy Derreacha of Glean-na-Chroim.

127. Donal-Cormac, of Drinshane Castle: his son.

128. Fingin (or Florence), of Coom: his son; had four daughters.

129. Fingin Mór: his son; took an active interest in the Irish Insurrection of 1798, and was by his followers acknowledged the "MacCarthy Mór;" died imprisoned in Cork jail, A.D. 1818, aged 98 years; had issue by his wife, Margaret O'Connor, five sons [1] and five daughters [2]

130. Donal Mór [3]: his son; a captain in the Insurrection of 1798; and commanded the Irish forces in the battle of Ballynascarthy; rescued General Roger O'Connor from a troop of horse, and received the French fleet at Bantry; left Ireland, and died in America A.D. 1828. By his wife Mary O'Callaghan-Richeson, this Donal Mór had four sons and three daughters.

131. Cormac (Charles): his son; b. 2nd February, 1808; left Ireland in 1828, living in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States, America, in 1880; sole male representative of his family; by his wife Ellen O'Connor-Collins, had issue living three sons, and two daughters Mary and Johanna.

132. Cornelius Mór MacCarthy: his son; b. 6th October, 1846; Counsellor and Attorney-at-Law, St. Paul, Minnesota. This Cornelius has two brothers—1. Daniel-Francis [4] MacCarthy, 2. John-Collins MacCarthy—the names of whose children are given below, in the Note under "Daniel-Francis."[4]


[1] Sons: The sons were—1. Donal Mór; 2. Fingin Oge; 3. John; 4. Cornelius; 5. Charles; and the daughters were—1. Margaret; 2. Ellen; 3. Catherine; 4. Mary; and 5. Johanna. Fingin Oge, here mentioned, married Mary O'Crowley, by whom he had issue who migrated to America; John married a MacCarthy (Tullig), and had issue who died in Ireland without issue; Cornelius married Kate Forbish, by whom he had issue who went to America and settled in Vermont; and Charles married Nancy O'Donovan, and emigrated to Canada. Margaret married Owen O'Connor (Cathal), who took part in the Irish Insurrection of 1798; the issue of this marriage was Ellen, married to Timothy Collins, also a " '98" man; John, father of John O'Connor, C.E., Ottawa, Canada; Timothy, father of the Rev. John S. O'Connor, P.P., of Alexandria, Canada; and Owen, father of Eugene and Edward O'Connor, of St. Paul, Minnesota. Of the other daughters of Fingin Mór, Ellen married Samuel Beamish; Catherine married John Callanan; Johanna married John Beamish; and Mary married Hurlihy, the chief of his sept, by whom she had a son named Denis, who removed to America.

[2] Daughters: The four daughters were married—one to O'Mahony (Coin); another to O'Connor (Cathal), of Coom, a descendant of Cathal-craobh-dearg O'Connor, King of Connaught; another to O'Sullivan, of Curragh; and another daughter to O'Leary, of Ive-Leary, called "Teige-na-Post." The issue of this last marriage was Professor Arthur O'Leary; Jeremiah O'Leary, father of Professor Jeremiah O'Leary of Lindsay, Ont., Canada, living in 1877, and father of Arthur and Hugh O'Leary of the same place Barristers, etc.; and a daughter, Nancy, who was married to Jeremiah O'Brien, of Dunmanway, county Cork. Of the children of this last marriage were the late Very Rev. Canon O'Brien, P.P., of Bandon, County Cork, and his brother Dr. O'Brien.

[3] Donal Mór: His sons were—1. John; 2. Cornelius; 3. Charles; and his daughters-1 Mary; 2. Ellen; 3. Johanna. Mary, his eldest child, born A.D. 1790, married Hayes, by whom she had two children—John and Johanna; Mary survived her children, and was in 1877 living in Canada. John and Cornelius, sons of Donal Mór, went to Canada, where they died without issue; Ellen married Martin Donovan, of Dunmanway; and Johanna went to Canada, where she married Joseph DeFoe, by whom she had a son, surviving, named Daniel MacCarthy DeFoe, Barrister, etc., of Toronto, and a daughter Eliza, married to Paul Whyte.

[4] Daniel-Francis: This Daniel-Francis MacCarthy, of St. Paul, Minn., married Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Allen, by whom he had issue—Charles-Allen, Catherine-Louise, Joseph-Pius, Ellen-Frances, and Daniel. His brother, John-Collins MacCarthy, of St. Paul, Minn., married Anne-Eliza, daughter of John H. Grindall, by whom he had issue—Charles-Grindall, Daniel-Francis, Mary-Agnes, John-Edward, and Annie-Florence.