MacAuliffe family genealogy

Of Duhallow, or Lords of Clanawly

Arms: Ar. three mermaids with combs and mirrors in fess az. betw. as many mullets of the last. Crest: A boar's head couped or. [1]

TEIGE, brother of Cormac who is No. 109 on the "MacCarthy Mór" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacAmhailaoibh (anglicised MacAwliff, and MacAuliffe), of Eallo or Duhallow, in the county Cork.

109. Teige: son of Muredach.

110. Donogh: his son.

111. Amhailgadh ("amhail:" Irish, like, and "gad," a twisted osier): his son; a quo MacAmhailgaidh—meaning "the son of the withe-like man."

112. Conor MacAwliff: his son.

113. Conor Oge: his son.

114. Maolseaghlainn: his son.

115. Conor (2): his son.

116. Conor (3): his son; had issue —Owen, Maurice, and Murtogh. Maurice had a son, Thomas, who was father to Connor Don, head of the MacAuliffes Don.

117. Murtogh: his son; had a brother Owen.

118. David: his son.

119. Cealla: his son; had two sons, Murtogh and Teige.

120. Murtogh Mac Auliffe: his son.

The last lord of Clanawly, Florence MacAuliffe, was attainted in 1641, by Oliver Cromwell (See our Irish Landed Gentry, p. 285), with MacDonogh MacCarthy, lord of Kanturk, who was nephew of MacAuliffe; and their lands were given to the Aldworths, and other English families.

The head of this family was, in 1840, weighmaster in the market-house of Kenmare.

"How are the mighty fallen!!!"


[1] MacAuliffe: The chief residence of the head of this sept was Castle-MacAuliffe, near Newmarket, in the barony of Duhallow, on the banks of the river Dalloo, to the left of the road leading from Newmarket to Millstreet, and about a mile from the former. Modern vandalism has left scarcely a trace of this once strong building; Caislean-an-Cnock and Curragh castle also belonged to the MacAuliffe family.