Kilroy family genealogy

Chiefs in the Barony of Clonderlaw, County Clare

[1] WHEN the county Clare, like the other parts of Ireland, was devastated under the Commonwealth Government of Ireland, to make room for the Cromwellian Settlement, the old Irish families who were dispossessed and who escaped transportation as "slaves" to the Sugar Plantations of America, had to seek homes and refuges wherever they could, for them selves and their families. It was at that unhappy juncture in the history of Ireland, in the year 1653, that, according to tradition, a son of the last Chief of this family, settled in Keenagh—one of the mountain fastnesses in the proximity of Mount Nephin, in the barony of Tyrawley, and county of Mayo; from whom the following branch of that ancient family is descended:

1. (——) A son of Riocard; had three sons: 1. Michael, 2. Peter, 3. Mark:

I. Michael, married and had: 1. Patrick; 2. Mary, who m. and had a family.

I. This Patrick married and had: 1. Peter, 2. Edward. I. This Peter, m. and had: 1. Thomas; 2. Patrick—both these sons living in Keenagh, in August, 1871.

II. Edward: the second son of Patrick, son of Michael, had a son named Peter—also living in Keenagh, in August, 1871.

II. Peter, the second son of No. 1; m. and had Bridget, who m. and had a family.

III. Mark, the third son of No. 1, of whom presently.

2. Mark: the third son of No. 1; m. and had: 1. Peter; 2. Bridget.

I. This Peter, of whom presently.

II. Bridget, m. —— Gill, of Glenhest, also in the vicinity of Glen Nephin, and had:

I. Denis Gill (living in 1871), who m. Anne Hagerty (also living in 1871), and had issue.

3. Peter: son of Mark; m. Mary Geraghty, of Kinnaird, in the parish of Crossmolina, and had surviving issue four daughters: 1. Norah: a. Mary; 3. Bridget; 4. Margaret;

I. This Norah, of whom presently.

II. Mary, who married Michael Geraghty (or Garrett), of Kinnaird, above mentioned, and had: 1. Michael, who m., and emigrated to America in 1847; and had issue; living (1887) in Deerpark, Maryland, U.S.A. 2. Patrick, of Kinnaird, who m. Mary Sheridan, and had issue; this Patrick and his family emigrated to America, in the Spring of 1883, and is living (1887) in Deerpark, Maryland. 3. John, who emigrated to America with his brother Michael, in 1847. 4. A daughter, who d. unm. 5. Mary, who m. Michael Gilboy, and had issue.

III. Bridget, who was the second wife of Patrick Walsh of Cloonagh, in the parish of Moygownagh, in the said barony of Tyrawley, and had: 1. Margaret, who m. Thomas Fuery, and with him emigrated to America. 2. Walter, who also emigrated to the New World.

IV. Margaret, who m. Thomas Regan, of Moygownagh, above mentioned, and had two children—1. Mary, 2. Patrick: 1. This Mary (d. 1881), m. John (died in 1886), eldest son of Martin Hart, of Glenhest, and had issue. 2. Patrick, who d. young.

4. Norah Kilroy: eldest daughter of Peter; m. John O'Hart, and (see No. 124 on the "O'Hart" genealogy) had:

I. Michael; II. Michael: both of whom d. in infancy.

III. Rev. Anthony, a Catholic Priest, of the diocese of Killala, who d. 7th Mar., 1830.

IV. Mary, who d. unm. in 1831.

V. Anne (d. 1841), who m. James Fox (d. 1881), of Crossmolina, and had: 1. Mary (living in 1887), who m. J. Sexton, of Rockfort, Illinois, U.S.A., and had issue; 2. Anne, who d. unm.

VI. Bridget (deceased), who m. John Keane, of Cloonglasna, near Ballina, Mayo, and had issue—now (1887) in America.

VII. Patrick (d. in America, 1849), who married Bridget Mannion (d. 1849), and had two children, who d. in infancy.

VIII. Catherine (d. in Liverpool, 1852), who m. John Divers, and had: 1. Patrick, 2. John.

IX. John, of whom presently.

X. Martin, who d. in infancy.

5. John O'Hart (living in 1887), of Ringsend, Dublin: son of said Norah Kilroy; who (see No. 125 on the "O'Hart" pedigree) m. Eliza Burnet (living in 1887), on the 25th May, 1845, and had: 1. Fanny; 2. Patrick; 3. Mary (d. 1880); 4. Margaret; 5. Eliza; 6. Nanny; 7. John-Anthony (d. in infancy); 8. Louisa; 9. Hannah; 10. Francis-Joseph, who d. in infancy.

6. Patrick Andrew O'Hart, of 45 Dame Street, Dublin: son of John; living unm. 1887.


[1] Kilroy: This genealogy is by mistake here entered. The "Kilroy" pedigree is given in full, infra, among the "Ir Genealogies."