Heffernan family genealogy

AONGUS (or Æneas) Ceannattin, brother of Blad who is No. 92 on the "O'Brien" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Iffernain; anglicised Hefferan, Heffernan, and Heyfron. [1]

92. Æneas Ceannattin: son of Cass.

93. Conall: his son; had a brother named Baoth ("baoth:" Irish, simple), a quo Booth.

94. Colman: son of Conall.

95. Geimhdealach: his son.

96. Culen (or Ulen): his son.

97. Cathbharr (or Abhartach): his son.

98. Conor (also called Corc): his son.

99. Iffernan ("ifearn:" [2] Irish hell; Lat. "infern-us"): his son; a quo O'h-Iffernain.

100. Faolchadh: his son.

101. Conligan: his son.

102. Sioda: his son.

103. Donoch: his son.

104. Conn: his son. Some annalists make this Conn the ancestor of Muintir Cuinn or Quin, of Munster.

105. Meil (or Neal): his son.

106. Faolach: his son.

107. Corc: his son.

108. Moroch (or Mortogh) his son.

109. Donoch (2): his son.

110. Giollaseana: his son.

111. Donoch (3): his son.

112. Donall: his son.

113. Thomas: his son.

114. Donall: his son.

115. Donal Oge: his son.

116. Conor O'Heffernan: his son.


[1] Heffernan: Of this family was Paul Heffernan, M.B., who was born in Dublin in 1719, and who, as a poet, associated with Foote, Garrick, and Goldsmith. Intended for the Catholic priesthood, he was sent to study in France, and lived there seventeen years. On his return to Dublin he took the degree of Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.), and in 1750 conducted the Tickler, a periodical paper in opposition to Lucas and his friends. He died in June 1777. In Notes and Queries, 2nd and 3rd Series, will be seen references to him; and a full memoir, with lists of his works, is given in Walker's Magazine for 1794.

[2] Ifearn: Some genealogists derive "Heffernan" from the Irish afrionn, the Mass or Eucharistic offering.