Healy family genealogy

Chiefs of Pobal O'Healy, in the County Cork

Arms: Az. a fesse betw. three stags' heads erased in chief ar. and a demi lion ramp. in base or. Another: Az. three boars' heads, couped in pale ar. Crest: On a chapeau a lion statant, guard. ducally gorged.

ASADHMUN, a son of Fergus Mór who (see p. 301) is No. 64 on the "Line of Ir," was the ancestor of O'h-Eilighe; anglicised O'Healy, [1] Healy, and Hely.

64. Fergus Mór: son of Ros (known as Ros Ruadh).

65. Asadhmun: his son. Had three half brothers—1. Conmac, 2. Ciar, 3. Corc.

60. Ailsach: son of Asadhmun.

67. Oineach: his son.

68. Eoghan: his son.

69. Delbhna: his son.

70. Fiodhcuirce: his son.

71. Eachamun: his son.

72. Alt: his son.

73. Athre: his son.

74. Eachadun: his son.

75. Orbsinmhar: his son.

76. Modhart: his son.

77. Saul: his son.

78. Meascu: his son.

79. Ullamh: his son.

80. Measa: son of Ullamh.

81. Cuilean: his son.

82. Cunath: his son.

83. Mearcu: his son.

84. Arad: his son.

85. Iomchadh: his son.

86. Cathair: his son.

87. Luchd: his son.

88. Adhlann: his son.

89. Luchd: his son.

90. Luchdreach: his son.

91. Maoltoirnd: his son.

92. Bath: his son.

93. Elhe ("ele:" Irish, a bier, a litter): his son; a quo O'h-Eilighe.

94. Feargus: his son.

95. Felim: his son.

96. Coibhdealach: his son.

97. Conrach: his son.

98. Conmhach: his son.

99. Conn O'Healy: his son.


[1] O'Healy: Some Irish Genealogists deduce the descent of the "O'Healy" family from Cosgrach, son of Lorcan, King of Thomond, who was grandfather of Brian Boroimhe [Boru], who is No. 105 on the "O'Brien" (of Thomond) pedigree, and who was the 175th Monarch of Ireland; others deduce it from the " O'Haly" family, which is an anglicised form of the Irish O'h-Algaich ("algach": Irish, noble), while O'Healy is from the Irish O'h-Eilighe, as above shown. But (see the "Hally" and "Haly" pedigrees, respectively), the two genealogies are quite distinct, and the two families not at all descended from the same stock as "O'Healy;" for it is the "O'Haly" family that is descended from Cosgrach, son of Lorcan, who is No. 103 on the "O'Brien" (of Thomond) pedigree, and the "O'Hally" family is descended from Donchuan, brother of Brian Boru, while the "O'Healy" family is descended from Fergus Mór, who is No. 64 on the "Line of Ir." Others again say that the O'Healys of Donoughmore are a branch of the "MacCarthy Mór" family, Princes of Desmond; but we are unable to trace that connection. It is worthy of remark, however, that the Arms assigned by Keating to the "O'Healy" family, namely—Az. a fesse between three stags' heads erased in chief ar. and a demi lion ramp. in base or., are borne by the Helys, Earls of Donoughmore: which goes to show that their name was formerly "O'Healy." The founder of the House of Donoughmore was John Hely, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, Secretary of State for Ireland, and Keeper of the Privy Seal in 1774, the celebrated author of The Commercial Restraints of Ireland, who, in 1771, married Christiana, daughter of Lorenzo Nickson, Esq., of Wicklow, and grandniece and heiress of Richard Hutchinson, Esq., of Knocklofty, in the county Tipperary, whose name the said John Hely assumed. Since then the family has borne the name of Hely-Hutchinson. John Hely-Hutchinson obtained a Peerage for his wife, who took the title of "Baroness Donoughmore, of Knocklofty," the seat of the present Earl. Mr. Hely-Hutchinson was subsequently offered an Earldom, and was about to become "Earl O'Hely," when he died. The Peerage created for his wife descended, according to limitation, to their son, Richard, who, after becoming "Baron Donoughmore" by inheritance, was created Earl of Donoughmore, in December, 1800. His brother John succeeded him as Baron, and second Earl of Donoughmore; and John, dying, was succeeded by his Nephew, John, as third Earl, who married the Hon. Margaret Gardiner, seventh daughter of Luke, first Viscount Mountjoy, by Margaret (daughter of Hector Wallis, Esq., of Dublin, and Springmount, Queen's County), mentioned in the "Wallis-Healy" Genealogy, infra, which see.