Durkin family genealogy

SINEALL, brother of Carthann who is No. 93 on the "Macnamara" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Dobharcon; anglicised Durkin.

93. Sineall: son of Cassan.

94. Cillin ("cillin": Irish, a little cell): his son; a quo O'Cillin, anglicised Killeen.

95. Aodh: his son.

96. Banbhan ("banbh:" Irish, a sucking pig): his son; a quo O'Banbhain, anglicised Hogg and Hogge.

97. Dubhlaoidh: his son.

98. Dobharchu ("dobharcu:" Irish, an otter): his son; a quo O'h-Dobharchon.

99. Luchodhar: his son.

100. Orghus: his son.

101. Menmon Odhar: his son.

102. Cathan: his son.

103. Gormghal: his son.

104. Ceilceann ("ceil:" Irish, to conceal; Heb. "chele," a prison): his son.

105. Padraic (Patrick): his son.

106. Donal: his son.

107. Donoch O'h-Dobharcon: his son.