Dowling family genealogy

Chiefs in the County Wicklow, and Queen's County

Arms: Ar. a holly tree eradicated ppr. on a chief engr. az. a lion pass. betw. two trefoils slipped or. Crest: Out of a mural coronet a dexter arm vested, holding a sword waved.

FELIM, brother of Crimthann Cas, who is No. 95 on the "MacMorough" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Dublhaoidh,[1] lords of Fertullagh, county Westmeath; anglicised Dooley, Dowley, Doolan, Dulen, Dolan, and Dowling.

95. Felim: son of Eanna Cinsealach; had a brother named Deadhach, who was the ancestor of O'Dea and Day, of Leinster.

96. Æneas: son of Felim.

97. Muredach (a quo O'Muiredaigh, of Leinster; anglicised Murray): his son; had a brother named Uargus, who was the ancestor of Duncan, or Dunkin, of the Line of Heremon.

98. Eochaidh,[2] King of Leinster: son of Muredach; fled to Scotland. He had two brothers—1. Alioll, who was the ancestor of Maconky; and 2. Eoghan (Owen), who was the ancestor of O'Harraghtan of Leinster.

99. Brandubh: son of Eochaidh; the tenth Christian King of Leinster; A.D. 594.

100. Cineth: his son; had a brother named Seicne (or Seigin), who was the ancestor of O'Murphy of Hy-Felimy.

101. Donal: son of Cineth.

102. Alioll: his son; a quo "Rath Alioll."

103. Dubhlaodh ("dubh:" Irish, black; "laodh," a calf): his son; a quo O'Dublaoidh (by some written O'Dunlaing, and anglicised Dowling).

104. Cucoille: his son.

105. Alioll (2): his son.

106. Maolsaraan: his son.

107. Onchu: his son.

108. Flann: his son.

109. Maoluradh: his son.

110. Alioll (3): his son.

111. Dubhlaodh (2): his son.

112. Dubh ("dubh:" Irish, dark-featured, great, prodigious, burned; Heb., "dobhe") his son; a quo O'Duibhe, anglicised O'Deevy, and modernized Devoy, Duff, Duffe; had a brother named Donough, who was the ancestor of Connulay.

113. Solomon: son of Dubh.

114. Padraic: his son.

115. Gillchriosd: his son.

116. Padraic (2): his son.

117. Gillchriosd O'Dowley: his son.


[1] O'Dubhlaoidh: Before the English invasion of Ireland, this family was driven from Feara Tulagh (i.e. Viri Collium), now the barony of Fertullagh, in the county Westmeath, by the family of O'Melaghlin; and they settled in Ely O'Carroll. The O'Dowling (or O'Dunlaing) portion of the family were chiefs in the county Wicklow and in the Queen's County.—O'Donovan.

[2] Eochaidh: From this Eochaidh the Keogh of Leinster family derive their name and descent.