Barry (No.3) family genealogy

Of Sandville, County Limerick

Arms: See those of "Barry" (No.2)

A CADET of the "Barry" family of Buttevant got by marriage, early in the fifteenth century a considerable estate in the Clangibbon country, near Kilmallock, in the co. Limerick. A member of the family intermarried [1] with the family of Bourke of Clanwilliam, in the same county.

1. Donal Barry (d. in 1612), of Owney (now Abington), had:

2. "Dowle" (or Daniel), who d. in 1640, was buried in the family vault [2] at Abington, which he had erected in 1633. He m. Johanna Bourke, of the Bourkes (Lord Brittas) family, and had:

3. David, who succeeded his father in 1640, but lost his property in the general confiscations after 1649. This David Barry, having saved the life of a member of the Ingoldsby [3] family, was excused from transplanting, and settled under the protection of Ingoldsby on the lands of Fryarstown, in the parish of Rochestown, about 1656. This David Barry left several sons.

4. John, of Fryarstown: son of said David; d. in 1710, leaving three sons.

I. James, of whom presently.

II. David. III. Thomas. These two sons David and Thomas served in the army of King James II.

5. James (d. in 1735): son of John; had three sons:

I. Garrett, of whom presently.

II. James.


6. Garrett: son of James; d. in 1771, leaving one son.

7. James of Fryarstown; b. 4th February, 1749; d. 1st May, 1819. This James m., on 3rd Nov., 1767, Anastasia Bourke-White, and had three sons:

I. James, of Rockstown Castle, b. 4th May, 1771; d. 25th July, 1828. This James m. on the 10th February, 1812, Dilyana Molony, of Craggs, county Clare, and had two daughters, but no son. [See Barry (No. 3) corrigenda, Vol. 2]

II. Thomas, b. 1773; d. in 1837. He m., in 1818, Miss Hartwell, of Bruff, and had issue.

III. John, of Sandville.

8. John Barry, of Sandville:[4] son of James; b. 20th Feb., 1779; d. 29th Aug., 1839. He m., 13th Feb., 1804, Mary, only daughter of R. O'Shaughnessy, Esq., and had issue three sons and one daughter:

I. James, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, of Caherline, b. 1809; d. 1866, leaving issue.

III. John, b. 1823; d. unm. in 1860.

I. Mary, who m. on 23rd Feb., 1843, John Ball, Esq., nephew of the Right Hon. Judge Ball, and had issue.

9. James: eldest son of John; b. 17th Nov., 1805; d. 2nd Sept., 1856. This James was twice m.: first, on the 18th July, 1833, to Christina (d. s. p. in 1835), dau. of D. Clanchy, Esq., D.L., of Charleville; secondly, on the 29th Nov., 1837, he m. Maria, dau. of John Grene,[5] Esq., J.P., of Cappamurra, co. Tipperary, and by her had five sons and two daughters:

I. James-Grene, of whom presently.

II. Albert, b. 23rd May, 1842; in Holy Orders.

III. Nicholas.

IV. William.

V. John.

I. Annie, who, on the 29th Nov., 1867, m. Thomas Butler, Esq., R.M.

II. Mary.

10. James-Grene Barry, J.P.: eldest son of James; b. 20th April, 1841; and living in 1883. This James m. on 20th June, 1881, Mary, only dau. of T. Kane, Esq., of Whitehall, co. Clare, M.D., J.P., and has had:

I. James, of whom presently.

II. Gerald, b. 18th Dec, 1883.

II. James Barry: son of James-Grene Barry; b. 8th June, 1882, and living in 1883.


[1] Intermarried: The Barrys intermarried with the Bourkes; the Raleighs, of Rawleystown; Fitzgeralds and Molonys of the co. Clare; Hartwells of Bruff; O'Shaughnessys, a branch of the Gortensignara family; Grenes, of Cappamurra; etc. The principal seats of the Bourkes (mentioned in this genealogy) were Brittas Castle; Bilboa Court, Caherconlish, Castle Connell, Ballybricken Court, Ballynegarde, and Kilpeacon. A large grant of the lands of Rawleystown, which was part of the Desmond Estate, was in 1609 made by King James the First to James Raleigh, uncle to Sir Walter Raleigh.

[2] Vault: The inscription on that vault is still legible, and reads as follows:—

"Nobilis admodum Dulamus Barry In honorem suorum Parentum sui ipsius, Uxoris Joannae Bourke, et filiorum suorum, hoc sepulchrum fieri curavit.

"Antiqua Genitus Barri de stirpi Dulamus

Quique Appolonea Doctus in arte viget.

Quique fide plenus nusquam languentibus agris,

Defuit et Potriam qualibet auxit ope

Haec pius extinctis monumenta parentibus affert,

Quae sibi quaeque deinsint monumenta suis

Tu qui cernis opus mortis memor esto futurae,

Dic praecor hac vivant qui tumulantur humo.


[3] Ingoldsby: Sir Henry Ingoldsby, governor of Limerick, got large grants of the confiscated Estates of the Bourkes, in the Barony of Clanwilliam, co. Limerick; including Ballybricken, Fryarstown, Luddenmore, Ballyhoudan, etc. Sir Henry Ingoldsby's mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Oliver Cromwell, Knight of the Bath, eldest brother of the Protector's father. Lord Massy represents this family at present.

[4] Sandville: Sandville is a part of Fryarstown.

[5] Grene: The Grenes of Cappamurra are descended from a brother of Sir Thomas Grene, of Bobbing, Kent, who settled at Corstown, co. Kilkenny, in 1608. This family have retained the old spelling of the name Grene.