Patrick Weston Joyce

Connemara. Maev, queen of Connaught in the time of Conor mac Nessa, had three sons by Fergus mac Roy, ex-king of Ulster, namely, Ciar [Keer], Conmac, and Modhruadh [Mõroo]. The descendants of Conmac were called Conmacne (ne, a progeny), and they were settled in Connaught, where they gave name to several territories. One of these, viz., the district lying west of Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, from its situation near the sea, was called, to distintinguish it from the others, Conmacne-mara (The Topographical Poems of O'Dugan and O'Heerin: muir, the sea, gen. mara), or the sea-side Conmacne, which has been shortened to the present name Connemara.