Preface - Irish Essays: Literary and Historical

John Healy, Archbishop of Tuam

THE following essays, written at different times and in different circumstances during the last fifteen years, touch upon some of the most interesting points in the civil and religious history of Ireland. They have already appeared separately as booklets of the Catholic Truth Society, and as such have, the author is informed, been eagerly read by thousands throughout the country. With much pleasure, therefore, has he acceded to the wish of the Society, to have them collected and published in book form, and made more attractive by the addition of many appropriate illustrations. It is his earnest hope that the little volume may, in some small way at least, help the main purpose of the Society—the diffusion of sound Catholic information, which, for the masses of our people, will have a living interest as well.


Archbishop of Tuam.

1st October, 1908.

John Healy, Archbishop of Tuam

John Healy, D.D., Archbishop of Tuam