Authorities - Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions

ADAMNAN: Libri III. de S. Columba.
Anderson (Dr. J.): Scotland in the Pagan Times.
Anecdota Oxon.
Armstrong (Dr.): Gaelic Dictionary.
Aubrey (J.): Remaines of Gentilisme and Judaisme.

Baecker (L. de): De la Religion du Nord de la France avant le Christianisme.
Beaudeau: Mémoire à consulter pour les anciens Druides Gaulois.
Beda Venerabilis: Opera.
Bernard St.: Life of Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh.
Betham (Sir W.): Gael and Cymbri.
Blavatsky (H. P.): Isis Unveiled, and Secret Doctrine.
Brash (R. R.): Sculptured Crosses of Ireland.
Brockham: Lexicon.
Brooke (Miss): Reliques of Irish Poetry.
Bryant (T.): New System of Antient Mythology.
Bryant (Mrs.): Celtic Ireland.
Butler: Historical Memoirs of the English, Irish, and Scottish Catholics.

Caesar: Commentaries.
Camden (W.): Britannia.
Columba, Life of, 1827.
Conder (J.): The Modern Traveller.
" " : View of all Religions.
Connelan (O.): Translation of the Proceedings of the Great Bardic Institution.
Cory (I. P.): Ancient Fragments.
Courson (A. de): Histoire des Peuples Brétons dans la Gaule et dans les Iles Britanniques.
Croker (T. C.): Fairy Legends of Ireland, &c. &c.
Crowe (O'Beirne): Religious Beliefs of the Pagan Irish.

Dalyell (Sir J. G.): Darker Superstitions of Scotland.
Darwin (C. R.): Descent of Man.
Davies (E.): Celtic Researches on Origin, &c. of Ancient Britons.
De antiquitate Turrum Belanorum Pagana Kerriensi. 1605.
Denis: Le Monde Enchante, Cosmographie et Histoire Naturelle Fantastiques du Moyen Age.
D'Eremao (Rev. Dr.): Serpent of Eden.
Dormer: Origin of Primitive Superstitions.
Dudley: Symbolism.
Ferguson (Sir J.): Lays of the Western Gael.
Ferguson (Lady): Story of the Irish before the Conquest.
Fergusson (J.): Tree and Serpent Worship.
Forlong (J. G. R.): Rivers of Life.
Fosbrooke (Rev. T. D.): British Monachism.
Frazer (J. G.): The Golden Bough.

Giraldus Cambrensis: Opera. 
Gladstone (W. E.): Juventus Mundi. 
Glennie (J. S. Stuart): Arthurian Localities. 
Gomme (G. L.): Folk-Lore of Early Village Life. 
Gould (R. F.): History of Freemasonry. Gradwell: Succat.
Grey (Sir G.): Polynesian Mythology.
Guenebauld of Dijon: Le Reveil de Chyndonax, Prince des Vacies Druydes Celtiques Diionois.

Hall (S. C.): Ireland, its Scenery, Character, &c. &c.
Hanmer: History of Ireland.
Hardiman: Irish Minstrelsy.
Harmer (Rev. T.): Observations on various passages of Scripture.
Harp of Erin, the, (periodical). 1818.
Henderson: Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England, and of the Border.
Higgins: Celtic Druids. 
Hislop (Rev. A.): Two Babylons. 
Hoare (Sir R. C.): Tour through Ireland. 
Hollinshed's Chronicle.
Hucher (Eug.): L'Art Gaulois.
Inverness Gaelic Society, Transactions of the.
Ireland's Mirror. 1804.

James (Rev. Dr.): The Patriarchal Religion of Britain. 
Jocelin: Life and Acts of St. Patrick.
Joyce (P. W.): Origin and History of Irish Names of Places. 
Jubainville (D'Arbois de): Cours de la littérature celtique.
Keane (M.): Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland.
Keating (G.): History of Ireland.
Keepe: Monumenta Westmonasteriensia.
Kenealy: The Book of God.
Kennedy (P.): Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts.

Laing (S.): Modern Science and Modern Thought.
Lanigan (Rev. T.): Ecclesiastical History of Ireland.
La Villemarqué (Th. H. de): Contes populaires des anciens Bretons.
Le Blanc (L.): Etude sur le Symbolisme Druidique.
Ledwich: Anliquities of Ireland.
Leflocq: Etudes de la Mythologie Celtique.
Leslie (Lt.-Col. F.): The Early Races of Scotland.
Lubbock (Sir J.): Prehistoric Times.

McCulloch (J.): The Highlands and W. Islands of Scotland.
Martin (H.): Etudes d'archeologie celtique.
Martin (M.): The W. Islands of Scotland.
Melville (H.): Veritas.
Meyrick: Druidical Religion during the Residence of the Romans.
Milligan (S. & A.): Glimpses of Erin.
Moran (Dr.): Irish Saints.
Morgan (O.) or Morien: Light of Britannia.

Nash (Dr. W.): Taliesin.
Neale (J. P.): History and Antiquities of Westminster Abbey.
O'Brennan (Dr.): Ancient Ireland.
O'Brien (H.): Round Towers.
" " : Phoenician Ireland.
O'Conor (Dr.): Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores Veteres. 
O'Curry (Eng.): Lectures on MS. materials of ancient Irish History.
" " : Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish. 
O'Donovan (J.): The Four Masters. 
O'Flanagan (T.): Translation of Deirdri
O'Grady (S.): History of Ireland. 
O'Halloran (S.): History and Antiquities of Ireland. 
O'Hartigan: The Book of Ballymote. 
O'Kearney (N.): The Battle of Gabhra.
Oliver: Historical Landmarks and other Evidences of Freemasonry. 
O'Neal: Irish Crosses Ossian, Macpherson's. 
Ossian Society, Transactions of the. 
Otway (Rev. C.): Sketches of Ireland, &c. &c.

Patrick, St., Tripartite Life of
Petrie (G.): Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland.
Petrie (W. M. F.): Ten Years' Digging in Egypt.
Phene (Dr.): Serpent Worship.
Picart (B.): Ceremonies and Religious Customs of the Various Nations of the World.
Pictet (A.): Les Origines Indo-Européennes. 
Plowden (F.): Historical Review of the State of Ireland. 
Pownall (Govr.): On the Study of Antiquities.
Revue Celtique, 1870 et seq.
Reynaud (J.): Philosophic Religieuse, Terre et Ciel.
Rhys (Prof.): Celtic Britain.
" " : Hibbert Lecture, &c. &c. 
Richardson (Rev. J.): Folly of Pilgrimages. 
Richey (Dr.): Lectures on the History of Ireland. 
Robertson-Smith: Works.
Shaw (Dr.): Gaelic Dictionary.
Shearman (J. F.): Loca Patriciana.
Sirius (French).
Skene (W. F.): Celtic Scotland.
Smiddy (Rev. R.): Essays on the Druids.
Smith (W. A.): Lewisiana.
Smith (W.): Dictionary of the Bible.
Spenser (E.): View of the State of Ireland.
Squier (E. G.) and Dr. E. H. Davis: Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley.
Stevens (E. T.): Flint Chips.
Stokes (Miss): Early Christian Architecture in Ireland. 
Stonyhurst Magazine.
Thierry (A.): Histoire des Gaulois. 
Tirechan: Life of St. Patrick. 
Todd (J. H.): St. Patrick, His Life and Mission. 
" ": War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill.
Todd (Rev. W. G.): The Church of St. Patrick. 
Toland: History of the Druids. 
Train: History of the Isle of Man.
Tylor (E. B.): Researches into the Early History of Mankind. 
Vallencey (Lt.-Col.): Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language.
" " : Vindication of the Ancient History of Ireland.

Waddel (Rev. Dr.): Ossian and the Clyde.
Wakeman (W. E.): Archaeologia Hibernica.
Walker: Irish Bards.
Westropp (H. M.) and C. S. Wake: Ancient Symbol Worship.
Wilkes (Mrs. A.): Ireland, the Ur of the Chaldees.
Wood-Martin: Antiquities of Sligo.
Wright (T.): Essays on Archaeological Subjects.