Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

White—This name in Scotland and Northern Ireland is the anglicised form of two or three sept names. It is the anglicised form of Galligan (O'Gealagain) in the districts about the town of Cavan; of Benane (O'Banáin) in Northern Sligo; and is rendered Baun in North Mayo and in East Waterford, and Bawn in the district of Banbridge, Co. Down; in the latter district from a branch of the O'Laverys, known as O'Labhradha-Bán, or the "White O'Laverys." (See Armstrong). O'Galvin (O'Gealbháin) has been anglicised White, and the name in Scotland and Ulster is the anglicised form of one of the colour names assumed by different branches of the Clan Lamond in the 17th century. (See Black and Gray).

The Gaelic of the name is Mac Giolla-bháin, now M'Ilwaine.

A sept of the name flourished earlier in the North of Scotland, anglicised McGilvane. M'Vean, McBean, M'Ilvane are other forms. The Whites of some parts of Munster are of Norman origin, but they are few.

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