Preface- Anglicised Surnames in Ireland

Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

In issuing this small work I hope that any shortcomings may be overlooked, and there are not a few. If this work meets with encouragement, I shall prepare a larger work, and for that purpose I shall be glad to receive notes and lists of surnames in Ireland. It is a work of no mean effort to understand the various interchanges and synonyms of surnames, and the interchanges of Irish surnames in particular, from their original Gaelic forms.

I am indebted for the information contained in this work to the works of Dr. O’Donovan, Dr. McBain, the Scottish historian; Adams’ and White’s “Scottish Clans”; “The Celtic Monthly,” and local information as regards Ulster, etc.


“Do Chum Glóire Dé agus Onora na h-Eireann.”


Alphabetical Index of Anglicised Surnames in Ireland

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