Irish History, Genealogy and Culture

A turf creel, Donegal

The photograph above is taken from On An Irish Jaunting-Car through Donegal and Connemara by Samuel G. Bayne, 1902.

"As we were approaching Glengesh, we met a young Donegal girl on the road. She was dressed in black serge, and, although her feet were bare, her figure was erect and her carriage very graceful. She swung along the road with charming abandon, and might have shone at a 'drawing-room' in Dublin Castle, the embodiment, the quintessence of unconscious grace."

...from Glenties to Carrick

An Achill home

The featured illustration is of a home in Achill and is taken from Ireland Painted by Francis S Walker and Frank Mathew.

"THE fishermen of Connemara believe that an island not to be found by any voyage exists near their shore, and they call it the Other Country. That near and remote place is a symbol of Ireland. Giraldus Cambrensis wrote that Ireland "was separated from the rest of the known world, and in some sort to be distinguished as another world"; and among its early names there were two that support that opinion, the Oldest Place and the Country at the End of the Earth."

...from the Prologue

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