Rev Patrick Woulfe

PLOINGCÉID, PLUINCÉID, PLUINGCÉID—XIIBlounket, Plonket, Plunket, Plunkett; Norman 'Blanchet' (diminutive of French 'blanc,' i.e., white, pale, from the complexion). The Plunkets must have come into Ireland about the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion. They settled in the north of Co. Dublin, and became in course of time one of the most distinguished families of the Pale. In 1403, Sir Christopher Plunket became lord of Killen, in Co. Meath; and in 1628, Lucas Plunkett, tenth lord of Killen, was created Earl of Fingall. Branches of this family were also Barons of Dunsanny and Earls of Louth. Unlike most of the great Anglo-Irish families, the Plunketts contrived to retain the greater part of their estates in the Cromwellian and Williamite confiscations.

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