Rev Patrick Woulfe

PLÉAMONN, PLÉIMEANN—XIIFlamang, Flemon, Fleming, &c.; Norman 'le Fleming,' Latin 'Flandrensis,' i.e., the Fleming, native of Flanders. Towards the end of the 11th century, an irruption of the sea compelled many Flemings to seek shelter in England. They were at first allowed to settle on the Scottish borderlands, but later on were removed by Henry I to the south coast of Wales, where they were granted a fertile district which had been wrested from the Welsh. From there they came to Ireland at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion. Richard le Fleming obtained from Hugh de Lacy a grant of the barony of Slane and other estates in Co. Meath, which remained in the family down to the Cromwellian and Williamite confiscations. The name is now common in many parts of Ireland.

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