Ó Mathghamhna

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó MATHGHAMHNA—IO Mahowny, O Mahown, O'Mahony, Mahony, Mahon, Maughan, (MacMahon); 'descendant of Mathghamhain' (bear); the name of a well-known Cork family who derive their descent from Mathghamhain (slain in 1014), whose father, Cian, son of Maolmuadh, commanded the forces of Desmond at the battle of Clontarf, and were chiefs of Cinel mBeice, now known as the barony of Kinelmeaky, an extensive district along the River Bandon, in Co. Cork, and at a later period became masters of the district called Fonn Iartharach, that is, the western land, which comprised several parishes in the south-west of Co. Cork, and had previously belonged to Corca Laoighdhe. Another family of the name was very powerful during the 11th and 12th centuries in Ulidia, and is still extant in Co. Down and other parts of East Ulster, but disguised as Mahons and MacMahons.

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