Ó Loingsigh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó LOINGSIGH—IO Lynchy, O Lynche, O Lensie, Linchey, Linchy, Lynchy, Lynch, Lindsy, (Lindsay); 'descendant of Loingseach' (derivative of loingeas, a fleet, i.e., having, or belonging to, a fleet or navy); the name of several distinct families in different parts of Ireland, as: (1) Ó Loingsigh of Dalradia, once a very important family. In the 11th century, they were chiefs of Dalradia, in the present counties of Antrim and Down, and are frequently mentioned in the Annals. They were dispossessed at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ulster, but are still numerous in Antrim and Down. (2) Ó Loingsigh of Owney, also a family of note in early times. Before the Anglo-Norman invasion, they were chiefs of Uaithne-thire, now the barony of Owney in Tipperary, but were afterwards dispossessed by the O'Mulryans. (3) Ó Loingsigh of Breifney, a strong clan, who were chiefs of Cinel Bacaid, and are still numerous in Co. Cavan. (4) Ó Loingsigh of Thomond. a Dalcassian family, still numerous in Clare and Limerick. (5) Ó Loingsigh of Cork, a branch of the Corca Laoighe, who were originally seated in West Cork. (6) Ó Loingsigh of Sligo, a branch of the Ui Fiachrach. (7) Ó Loingsigh of Meath. Ó Loingsigh is often a shortened form of Ó Loingseacháin (which see), especially in Donegal, Mayo, and Cork. In Co. Galway, it is sometimes metathecised to Ó Loinscigh, which see. Lynch is now one of the commonest of Irish surnames, and, as might be expected, is found in every part of Ireland.

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