Rev Patrick Woulfe

BAGÓID—VIIIBagod, Bagote, Bagot, Bagott, Baggot, Baggott; 'son of Bagot' (diminutive of a common Anglo-Saxon personal name Baga, Bago, etc.). This family came into Ireland soon after the Anglo-Norman invasion and settled in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Carlow and Limerick. In 1280, Robert Bagod, chief justiciary of Ireland, obtained a grant of the manor of Rath, near Dublin, since known as Bagotrath, and of Bonevilstone and Brownstown, in Co. Limerick, since known as Bagottstown. Maurice Baggot of Baggotstown was one of the twenty exempted from pardon by Ireton when he obtained possession of Limerick in 1651.

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