New Ross Alphabetical Directory - Wexford Guide and Directory, 1885.

About “Wexford County Guide and Directory,” 1885

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version of Bassett’s Wexford County Guide and Directory is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

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If names are not found under this head, see County Directory, beginning of book, and the New Ross classification of business branches, professions, public and religious bodies, societies, and sub-post offices to New Ross.

Acheson, Joseph, J.P., Ballyanne

Ahern, P., bakery, South street

Alexander, S, A., Id, Macmurrough

Ambrose, T., bank acct, Priory st

Archbold, John, Mary street

ARMSTRONG and CO., grocers, etc., South st (see advt.)

Armstrong, Mrs., Bridge street

Aspel, Thomas, land, Camlin

Audley, T., land, Ballinabanogue

Bagnall, W., bank tlr, Priory st

Baily, P., land, Ballyleigh

Barron, Jas. D., poor rate collector, Southknock

Barron, P., land, Southknock

Bearney, M., land, Ballymacar

Bennett, P., clerk, South street

Berigan, W., provisions, Rosbercon

Bolger, J., sen, land, Coolback

Bolger, Jas., jun, Coolback

Bolger, John, land, Coolback

Bolger, Miles, land, Clonleigh

BOLGER, PATRICK, auctioneer, etc., South st (see advt.)

Brennan, Geo., prov., Charles st

Browne, John A., North street

Butler, Timothy, manager, Armstrong & Co., South street

Byrne, E. A. (J.P.), Rosemount

Byrne, John, land, Ballymacar

Byrne, John, land, Camlin

Byrne, M., land, Ballylibernagh

Byrne, F., Medical hall, Charles st

Byrne, P., land, Camlin

Carr, George, land, Ardross

Carr, G., land, Arnestown

CARR, Wm. W., corn merchant, etc., Henry st (see advt.)

Carty, E., land, Ballylane

Carty, P., land, Donard

Caul, J., Wheelright, Mary street

CHERRY BROS., brewers, &c., Creywell brewery (see advt.)

Cherry, A. B. (Cherry Brothers). Res—South street

Cherry, Mrs. E., Creywell house

Cherry, Richard (Cherry Brothers). Res—Ivy cottage, Rosbercon

Cody, L., land, Begerin, Loftus

Colleton, W., land, Mountgarret

Connors, Aiden, land, Nash

Connors, H., land, Dunganstown

Connor, H., land, Nash

Connors, J., land, Newtown

Cooney, N., land, Meylerspark

Corcoran, P., land, Berkley

Corcoran, T., land, Berkley

Crane, John, land, Rochestown

CULLEN, JAMES, general merchant, North st (see advt.)

Cullen, John B. (James Cullen.) Res—Bawn James, Rosbercon

Cummins, W., land, Meylerspark

Curran, J., carpenter, Mary street

Deacon, Joseph, land, Berkley

Denn, Patrick, land, Lacken

DINNEEN, THOMAS, stationer, Quay street (see advt.)

Donovan, E., dairy, Mary street

Donovan, E., provisions, Mary st

Doran, J., whitesmith, Mary st

Douglas, W., land, Michael st

DOYLE & HUNT, general merchants, Quay (see advt.)

Doyle, James (Doyle & Hunt)

DOYLE, BROS., coal and corn merchants, etc., Bridge quay and Rosbercon (see advt.)

Doyle, Arthur J. (Doyle Brothers)

Doyle, H., land, Tenerath

Doyle, James, land, Nash

Doyle, John, land, Melgarrow

DOYLE, MARY, general merchant, 12 and 13 Quay street. Res—Brandon (see advt.)

Doyle, John J. (Mary Doyle). Res—Priory place

Doyle, M., Deputy Co.s, Newtown

Doyle, Mrs., Capt., Quay

Doyle, Thomas A., Quay street

Dunne, Patrick, land, Lacken

Dunne, T., land, Nash

Dunne, M., land, Meylerspark

Ellis, H., engineer, Brewery

Ellis, J., carpenter, Brewery

Elms, John, land, Rochestown

Elms, Sl., land, Rochestown

Ennis, John, S.R., Marsh lane

Farrell, Jas., land, Bewley street

FEGAN, JOHN, watchmaker, Charles st. (see advt.)

Fenlon, N., accountant, Quay st

Finn, Wm., land, Terrought

Fitzgerald, G., land, Ballylane, e

Flood, J., lodging house, Mary st

Flynn, Jas., land, Meelgarrow

Flynn, Pat., land, Meelgarrow

Foley, P., land, Irishtown

Frizelle, Ed., ex-H.M.C., Fairgate

Gahan, Peter, Cross lane

Gaffney, Laurence, John street

GALAVAN, JAMES and CO., timber and coal merchants, Quay (see advt.)

Galavan, James E. (J.P.) (James Galavan & Co.) Res—Erinvale

Gannon, James, land, Arnestown

GRAVES’ PATENT, Roofing Co., Quay (see advt.)

Graves, A. E. and Son, timber merchants, etc., Quay. Res—The Castle, Rosbercon

Graves, Elly (A. E. Graves & Son)

Gunnip, Luke, land, Ballymacar

Hartrick, agent, Priory lane

Hartrick, W., shipsmith, Marsh le

Hayes, Edward, land, Ballymacar

Hammond, N., C.B.O., Irishtown

Hanlon, Martin, land, Rochestown

Hanrahan, T., shoemkr., Mary st

HARRINGTON, JOHN, draper, etc., South st (see advt.)

Harrington, Martin, land, Terrath

Harrington, W., master Workh’se

Harrington, W., land, Terrath

Hearne, Jas. B., Rosbercon

Hearn, John S., Ruane

HENNESSY, BRYAN, grocer, &c., 21 South st (see advt.)

Henry, Joseph, land, Rochestown

Hickey, John, land, Meylerspark

Hickey, P., land, Commons

Higgins, John, foreman, Chapel le

Hornick, J., steamer engr, Marsh le

HOWLETT & CO., drapers, &c., South st (see advt.)

Howlett, John, J.P., Russelstown

Howlett, Martin J., Harbour Master, Priory st

Howlett, Mrs., land, Ballymacar

HOWLETT, Wm., general merchant, John st. Res—Creywell cottage (see advt.)

HOWLETT, Wm. & SON, grocers, &c., North st (see advt.)

Howlett, J. W. (W. Howlett & Son)

Hughes, John, acct, Henry st

Hughes, James, land, Ballymacar

Hunt, P. (Doyle & Hunt), Quay

Hunt, Ptk., foreman, Windmill le

HUTCHINSON, MATTHEW, general merchant, North st (see advt.)

JEFFARES, Wm., & SON, tobacco manufacturers, &c., Mary st (see advt.)

Jeffares, Thomas E. (W. Jeffares and Son). Res—Ashton

Jones, T. & Co., tanners, Priory place

Kayes, Jos., cork cutter, High hill

Kehoe, Ch., land, Barrettspark

Kehoe, James, land, Nash

Kehoe, James, jun., Lacken

Kehoe, John, land, Nash

Kehoe, Maurice, land, Lacken

Kehoe, Maurice, jun., Lacken

Kehoe, Maurice, land, Ryleen

Kehoe, Ml., land, Begerin Loftus

Kehoe, P., Sack Co., South st

Kehoe, T., land, Lacken

Kehoe, Wm, land, Creaken, Ir

Kehoe, Wm., land, Lacken

Kelly, James, land, Camlin

Kelly, Ml., leather dealer, Mary st

Kelly, M., timber merchants’ manager, South st

Kennedy, James, Charles st

Kent, John, land, Terrath

Kent, John, jun., Terrath

Kent, T., land, Terrath

Kinsella, J., gas man, Robert st

KOUGH, SAMUEL, Bacon curer, Quay (see advt.)

Larkin, O., lodging ho, Conduit la

Leared, J. W., mgr Nl Bank, Quay

Lyng, Denis, land, Ballyane

M‘Conkey, J., sub-agt, Bank of Ireland, Charlton hill

M‘Grath, James, Supervisor, I. R. Res—The Walks

M‘Grath, Patrick, Principal Coast Officer, H.M.C. Res—South st

M‘Namara, R., salmon, Mary st

Maddock, M., ballast mstr, Mount-garret lane

Maddock, Phil., land, Terrerath

Magee, David, lodgings, Newtown

Magee, James A., Division Officer, Inland Revenue, Quay

Meehan, John, Charlton hill

Meehan, John, land, Pondfields

Meehan, Dr. Nicholas J., Quay st

Meehan, Patrick, land, Redhouse

M‘Gee, John, land, Begerin Loftus

Miskella, E. (Ml. Power & Co.), Chilcomb

MOLLOY and O’SULLIVAN, grocers, etc., quay street (see advt.)

Molloy, Edw., land, Commons

MORAN BROTHERS, (George & Pierce), stationers, etc., 19 North street (see advt.)

Moran, James, clerk, North street

Moran, John, R’y goods agt, Quay st

Moran, L., land, Rosbercon

MORAN, MARY J., grocer, etc., John street (see advt.)

Moran, Terence, clerk, North st

Moran, William, clerk, North st

Morris, R. W., cabinet maker, Bridge street (see advt.)

Morris, Wm., land, Robinstown, l

MUNRO, Wm., P.S.C. emigration agent, etc., Charles street (see advt.)

Murphy, David, land, Ballyanne

MURPHY DAVID, draper, etc., Quay street (see advt.)

Murphy, Edw., land, Terrerath

Murphy, Ellen, provisions, South st

Murphy, James, land, Heathpark

Murphy, James, land, Terrerath

Murphy, James, land, Tullarought

Murphy, John, land, Ballybeg

Murphy, John, land, Nash

Murphy, John, jun, Nash

Murphy, Martin (Hewlett & Co.) Res—Victoria place

Murphy, Ml., land, Ballyanne

Murphy, Ml., land, Carrigadaggin

Murphy, Ml., land, Finshogue

Murphy, Ml., foreman, Quay

Murphy, P., land, Ballyanne

Murphy, P., land, Ballyroe

Murphy, P., land, Meylerspark

Murphy, P., land, Terrerath

Murphy, Pierce, land, Nash

Murphy, R., land, Busherstown

Napper, Gen. Robert, Mountgarret

Neill, James, land, Lacken

Neill, N., land, Morrissy’s le

Nevill, Edward, land, Bawnmore

Noble, T., agent Bank of I., Quay

Noctor, C., land, Ballylane

Nolan, A., tailor, Charlton hill

Nolan, Dl., smith, Charlton hill

Nolan, Denis, land, Finshogue

Nowlan, J., land, Begerin Lloyd

Nowlan, James, jun., Ballinteskin

O’Reilly, A., matron, Workhouse

O’SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH (Molloy & O’Sullivan), Quay st. and Bridge st (see advt.)

O’Donnell, P. J., bank clerk, Quay

Phelan, Edward, saddler, North st (see advt.)

Pope, P., clerk of Union, South st

Power, Jas., corn buyer, Chapel le

Power, John, land, Camlin

Power, L., land, Ryleen

Power, P., land, Nash

Power, P., bus-driver, South st

Power, T., land, Ryleen

Power, Walter, land, Dunmain

Quillinan, Ed., ride officer, I.R., Victoria place

Quinn, Matthew, clerk, Priory st

Redington, Lady, Talbot hall

Redmond, John, land, Nash

Redmond, John, land, Verosland

Redmond, Moses, grocer, etc., North st (see advt.)

Redmond, Nich. R. O., John st

Redmond, T., land, Nash

REDMOND, THOMAS, grocer, etc., 56 South st (see advt.)

Regan, L., operative min. wtr. mfr., Brewery

Reilly, J., coal dealer, Bullaun

Rice, John, pig buyer, Irishtown

Robinson, J., sawyer, Mary street

Robinson, M., carpenter, Church le

Robinson, Wm., land, Rochestown

Roche, Michael, land, Ballyanne

Roche, Patrick, land, Nash

Roche, P., goods carrier, Irishtown

Roche, Redmond, land, Nash

Roe, Henry J. D., land, Maryville

Roe, J., land, Begerin Loftus

Roe, Ml., land, Begerin Loftus

Rossiter, John, land, Ballingale

Ryan, James, land, Terrerath

Ryan, John, Mary street

Scully, John, land, Ballyroe upper

Shallow, Ml., land, Mount Elliott

SHANAHAN, A. M., Shanahan’s hotel, North street (see advt.)

Shanahan, Daniel J., Roseville

Shea, Thos., land, Tinnakelly big

Sherlock, Miss Ann, South street

STAFFORD, FRANCIS, grocer, etc., John st (see advt.)

Stafford, James, land, Nash

STEPHENS, A. and SON, corn and coal merchants, etc., John street (see advt.)

Stephens, William (A. Stephens. and Son). Res—Airmount

Sunderland, D., timber merchants’ manager, Block house

TAAFFE, M., grocer, provision merchant, etc., South street (see advt.)

Taaffe, John (M. Taaffe)

TIERNEY, PATRICK, grocer, etc., Quay st (see advt.)

THORP, J. C., cabinet maker, etc., John street (see advt.)

Thorpe, Robert, land, Ballylane

Thorpe, Thomas, land, Ballyroe

Tyndall, Robert, J.P., Oaklands

TWEEDY, GEORGE, cabinet maker, etc., South st (see advt.)

Tweedy, Chas. F. (Geo, Tweedy)

Ussher, R., agent, Landscape

Vickers, E. T., law clerk, Victoria place

Wallis, John and Sons, carriers; office, Quay; J. Moran, agent

Wall, M. & Son, cars, Charlton hill

Wall, N., land, Creahen lower

WALSH, EDWARD, grocer, etc., South st (see advt.)

Walsh, J., lodging house, Conduit lane

Walsh, Laurence, land, Terrerath

Walsh, Michael, land, Meylerspark

Walsh, Thomas, land, Ryleen

Warren, Eln., bakery, etc., Quay st

Whelan, Danl., land, Rochestown

Whelan, James, land, Ryleen

Whelan, John, tailor, Bridge street

White, Arthur, Bowling green

White, R., ex-Customs, Rosbercon

Whitney, Luke, land, Creaken up

Whitty, P., land, Begerin Lloyd

Whitty, William, land, Camlin

Williams, J., land, Mount Elliott

Wyse, James, land, Slaght

ZIMBER BROTHERS, watchmkrs, etc., Quay (see advt.)

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