Gorey Alphabetical Directory - Wexford Guide and Directory, 1885.

About “Wexford County Guide and Directory,” 1885

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version of Bassett’s Wexford County Guide and Directory is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

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If names are not found under this head, see also County Directory, beginning of book, and the Gorey Classification of business branches, professions, etc., and Sub-Post-offices to Gorey. The word land after a name indicates that the person is a landowner or farmer.

Acton, John, Ballywilliam

Balf, Nicholas, land, Askakeel

Barber, J., land, Raheenagurren e

Barrett, Thos., land, Coolishal up

Bassett, Samuel, land, Clonsilla e

BATES & SONS, Coach builders, etc., Main st (see advt.)

BEDDY BROS., coach builders, etc., New rd. (see advt.)

Beddy, Robert (Beddy Brothers)

Bolger, A., dlr. in groceries, etc

Bolger, James, land, Clonsilla w

Brennan, Wm, land, Coolnaveagh

Butler, Ed., land, Ballycomclone

Butler, Richard, land, Knockduff

Butler, Wm., land, Ballycomclone

Byrne, George, land, Ballykale

BYRNE, JAMES, draper, etc., 71 and 81 Main st (see advt.)

Byrne, John, land, Courteencurragh

BYRNE, PATRICK, grocer, etc., 35 Main street (see advt.)

Byrne, Patrick, land, Barnland

Byrne, T., land, Raheengurren w

Canavan, David, land, Kilcavan lr

Carroll, John, land, Killineran

Cartan, Andrew, land, Ballygarrett

Carton, Thos., land, Cooleshall lr

Carty, John, land, Toberduff

Cole, Edward, land, town

Condron, Thomas, land, Kilmurray

COOKE, NATHANIEL, draper, etc., Main st (see advt.)

Cooke, Thomas, land, Aske

Cooke, Thomas, land, Ballytegan

Cooke, Dr. William, medical hall, Main street (see advt.)

Creane, Wm., land, Ballingarry lr

Creane, William, land, Creagh up

Creighton, Richard, town

Daulton, Walter, land, Island up

DAVIS, THOMAS, hydraulic engineer, etc., 88 Main street (see advt.)

Donnelly, T., land, Ramstown up

Donohoe, Daniel, land, Barnland

Donohoe, John, land, Ballywilliam

Dooley, James, land, Clonsilla e

Dowdall, George, land, Ramstown

Doyle, Edward, land, Kilcavin up

Doyle, Michael, land, Upr. Island

Doyle, Murtagh, land, Up. Island

Doyne, J. W. C., Seafield

Dunne, James, auctioneer, etc., Main street. Res.—Knockinagh (see advt.)

Earl, Isaac, land, Gorey hill

Earl, John, land, Banogue

Earle, Robert, land, Kilnahue

Earl, Robert W., land, Banogue

Earl, Thos., land, Mount Alexander

Earl, Wm., land, Courteencurragh

Esmonde, Sir Thomas H. G., Bart., Ballynestragh

Eyre, John, land, Kilpatrick

Fidler, William, land, Clonattin

Finn, James, land, Tuberduff

Finn, Myles, land, Killowan

Flaherty, Andrew, land, Mangan

Flusk, Michael, Main street

Flusk, William, town

Foley, William, land, Killynan

Free, John, town

Giles, William, land, Ballyrahan

Godkin, George, land, Kilnahue

Godkin, John, Kilcavin upper

Godkin, John, Main street

Goland, Patrick, land, Ballinglin

Goldsmith, George, land, Ballykale

Gordon, George, land, Killowen

GORDON, T. E., grocer, etc., Main street (see advt.)

Graham, William, grocer & farmer, Main street (see advt.)

Guise, Gen. John C., St. Waleran

Hanley, Wm., land, Ballycomclone

Hanstock, George, land, Ballykale

Harris, John, land, Gorey hill

Hollingsworth, Peter, Main street

Hughes, Michael, land, Clonsilla, e

Hughes, Michael, land, Tubberduff

Hughes, Peter, land, Tuberduff

Hutchinson, Isaac, Main street

Ireton, Robert, land, Bolacreen

Johnson, Wm., Ballinastraw lr

Kavanagh, Ed., land, Kilageran

Kavanagh, James, land, Island up

Kavanagh, John, grocer, etc., 1 Main street lower (see advt.)

Kavanagh, Patrick, grocer, etc., Main street (see advt.)

Kelly, Jn., land, Mount Alexander

Kelly, Wm., land, Courteencurragh

KIDD, Wm., commercial hotel etc., Main street (see advt.)

Kinsella, Daniel, land, Knockavota

Kinsella, Denis, land, Bolacreen

Kinsella, James, land, Knockavota

KINSELLA, MICHAEL & SONS, gen. merts (see advt.)

Kirk, Mrs. Alicia, Main st

Knox, Thos., groceries, The Park

Lacey, Pk., land, Mount Alexander

Laffan, John, land, Ballinstraw lr

Laffan, Peter, land, Ballyduff

Lawless, Isaac, land, Tinnock lr

Leggatt, Robert, land, Clonattin lr

Leggett, Robert, land, Mount Alexander

M‘Grath, Thos., land, Kilmurry

Masterson. Thos., land, Kilmurry

MULLIGAN, T., bakery, &c., Main st (see advt.)

Murphy, John, land, Kilpatrick

Murphy, Joseph, land, Aske

Murphy, Maurice, land, Bolacreen

Murphy, T., Groceries, Main st

Murphy, T., land, Raheengurren up

Murray, John, land, Ballinacarrig

Naughter, Charles, land, Kilmurry

Oaks, Wm., land, Ballinastraw up

Oughton, John, land, Killowen

Owen, George A., land, Ramsgate

Owen, Rd. C., land, Knockmullen

Owley, Edwd., land, Clonsilla w

Palmer, James, land, Gorey hill

Pierce, Roger, land, Ballykale

Pierce, Wm., land, Ballykale

Poole, John G., land, Ballyowen

Poole, John, land, Ballyowen

Poole, Wm., Ballyowen

Rathwell, John, land, Banogue

REDDY BROTHERS, Imperial Hotel, &c., Main street (see advt.)

Redmond, Michael, Main st

Redmond, Michael J., Millmount

Redmond, T., land, Tinnock up

Redmond, W., land, Gorey Bridge

Reid, Edward, land, Ballyscartan

Reid, Edwd, land, Raheengurrin e

Reid, Geo., land, Courteencurragh

Reid, Thomas, land, Ballyscartan

Ryneheart, John, land, Ballygullen

Savage, Wm., land, Gorey hill

Shea, Denis, land, Carrigbeg

Sheehan, W., land, Ballynestragh

Sheehan, Wm., jun

Smith, F., Masterson & Evans

Smith, John, Kiltennel

Smith, Terence (James Byrne), 71 and 81 Main st

Spencer, R., land, Ballycomclone

Spencer, T., land, Coolnaveagh

Spencer, W., land, Ballyscartan

Spencer, W., land, Ballytegan

Stafford, Patrick, land, Clonsilla e

Tisdall, C., land, Kilmichael lr

Trainor, Edward, land, Carrigbeg

Tyndall, A., land, Ballingarry up

WALL, HENRY, draper, Main st (see advt.)

Walker, Thomas, land, town

Walters, Gar., land, Ballywilliam

Waring, Joseph, land, Ballinclay

Warren, A., land, Carriganeagh

WARREN, GEORGE W, auctioneer, &c., New road (see advt.)

Warren, Joseph, land, Kilnahue

Webb, Margt. and Sons, grocers, &c., Main st. (see advt.)

WEBSTER, BENJAMIN W., builder and contractor, Main st. (see advt.)

Webster, James, land, Greagh lr

Webster, John, land, Aske

Webster, N., land, Ballingarry

Webster, T., land, Ramstown up

Weldon, G., M.D., Charlotte row

Whitmore, R., land, Westmount

Willoughby, C., Ballingarry lr

Willoughby, Wm., land, Kilmurry

Woodrooffe, Rev. A., Glandoran, lr

Woolohan, Wm., land, Cullinogue

Wybrants, Wm., land, Ashton

Young, Edward, land, Ballykale

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